Which wood is best for a dining table?

Dining tables come in many shapes, styles and sizes and the majority of them are still made from wood, in this blog we will have a look at some different wood types of wood and what is best for a dining table.

Reclaimed wood industrial dining table with fabric dining chairs

Oak - Oak is the classic wood for dining table production - it is hardwearing and able to handle frequent long-time usage. Another bonus is the patterning of oak, this is another reason it is so popular in table production allowing the beautiful wood grain to be seen in all its glory. It's perfect in the family home as it's hard enough to resist little dents. Now, if you are looking at a reclaimed oak dining table then you will be purchasing eco consciously and you will find that the wood has even more character than new oak dining tables.

Elm - Elm is another extremely strong and durable wood that is great for dining tables. It comes with excellent colouring and patterning which mean it lends itself perfectly to decorative furniture pieces. Elm is secondary to oak and its interlocking grain and resistance to splitting making it a perfect choice for tables, chairs and cabinets etc. You can also get reclaimed wood dining tables in elm, such as our Redmond Reclaimed Elm Dining Table adding even more personality to your dining space.

reclaimed wood dining table for which would is best for a dining table blog

Beech - Beechwood has a salmon type of colour and features what is know as a pore pattern. It is popular in furniture production as it does not have a smell. Beechwood however is naturally absorbent so it is not very good in damp or humid areas, or in the production of outdoor furniture

Walnut - Walnut is one of the hardest woods, however not quite as hard as oak. It boasts beautiful patterning and can contain many shades of wood - it is particularly popular in the production of furniture with an urban feel, such as an industrial dining table, featuring a straight cut design with slim, sleek and clean lines. 

Reclaimed wood dining table with trestle legs and matching wooden bench

Pine - Pine is a softwood and is readily available. As it is readily available and budget friendly it is a hugely popular choice for furniture production. Reclaimed pine has already aged and hardened, generally, the trees used for its first function as part of a building will have been more mature than new pine trees being grown quickly for furniture production. A pine table is easy to care for with little knocks and dents easy to wax and blend in.

Close up of rustic reclaimed wood dining table with open magazine on top

Reclaimed / Rustic - Reclaimed wood has never been so popular - as a whole, we are leaning more and more to environmentally friendly purchases in all areas of our lives and this is just a true in furniture purchases. Reclaimed wood will bring warmth, history and individuality to your dining room that new wood can't. The wood when it was initially used would most likely be from mature trees not trees that are grown quickly specifically for furniture production.

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