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Why choose a reclaimed wood dining table?

Why choose a reclaimed wood dining table?

Middle of the forest with moss on ground and sunlight between the trees

Sustainability is the very foundation that Modish Living is built on - we believe that you can have beautiful and unique furniture in your home while still being kind to our planet.

What better way to be environmentally conscious than deciding, right now, that the next piece of furniture you choose for your home should be crafted from reclaimed wood? No new trees are being chopped down and wood that would otherwise be burnt or end up in landfill is being skillfully crafted into something beautiful that will be cherished in your home.

Industrial dining table with matching bench and sideboard

Photo featuring: Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Natural wood is the perfect way to add warmth and character to your room. A reclaimed wood dining table can look great with many different home interior styles - cottage Scandi, rustic but also stunning with ultra-modern. Completely versatile, you can use so many different styles of seating with a rustic dining table - wooden dining chairs, faux leather chairs, rattan chairs, upholstered dining chairs, or to be right on trend, you can opt for a dining bench or two. Again, you can purchase all these items produced from reclaimed or eco-friendly materials.

Close up of rustic reclaimed wood dining table with glass top and blue fabric dining chairs

Photo featuring: Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

If you look forward to the days when we are able to entertain in our homes again then you should opt for an extendable table - there are many different styles available from the Dorset trestle table to which you can add extension leaves when needed to the Standford industrial dining table which features butterfly extension, meaning the extension piece is conveniently stored away inside the table. The Standford reclaimed wood furniture range is produced from wood salvaged from old factories that are being dismantled whereas the gorgeous Kensington is produced from old railway sleepers which are sandblasted and cleaned - so as you can see each piece of furniture has a story to tell, is completely unique and bursting with character.

Another bonus is that because of what it is produced from and how it is produced, reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for a family home - the wood is aged making furniture pieces hardwearing as well as forgiving to everyday wear and tear. Any small accidental dents, scratches or bangs will just blend in and add to the history of your dining table and as they are made from solid wood, anything more serious can often be easily fixed and blended in by a furniture technician.

Close up of rustic wood with hand wiping wood with cloth

Caring for reclaimed wood furniture could not be easier - just a thin layer of wax (or oil, depending on the finish) a few times a year or so will keep your furniture looking wonderful for years to will actually find that your table becomes more beautiful as it ages.

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