Why every home needs a reclaimed wood sideboard

Large sideboard in rustic wood with gold floor lamp and tall green plant on the side

Humble wooden sideboards are fast becoming hugely popular statement pieces of furniture in the home – providing valuable hidden away storage space in the living room, kitchen or dining room – and when it’s crafted out of beautiful reclaimed wood, it becomes so much more than just storage.

Wooden sideboard with trio of mirrors on wall above and a gold floor lamp and plant in room

The traditional and most obvious place for a sideboard has always been in the dining room. They were used to store the best dinner plates and occasionally used serving dishes – thus freeing up valuable space in the kitchen. Of course, there is no denying that this is still the case, but we as a nation are leaning towards clever storage and clutter-free living spaces and as such, they are being used in different rooms in the home. Sustainability is now also more and more important to us when considering what dining room furniture we want in our homes and this is why reclaimed wood furniture is becoming increasingly popular. You can buy a reclaimed wood dining table or ready styled dining room sets with the option to add on a beautifully coordinating modern sideboard to store away all those dining room essentials.

White reclaimed wood sideboard with tall glass vase and green stems

Photo featuring: Abingdon Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

A reclaimed wood sideboard, even a small one, provides an additional surface in the dining room when dishing up a meal – think back to a Christmas, an Easter or other celebration when you had a table full of guests with loads of serving dishes, drinks and festive decorations piled on the table- how handy would an extra surface area have been then?

Not only that, a sideboard in the dining room also means, you will have placemats, napkins, additional serving spoons, a corkscrew, a bottle opener…the list goes on…all at your fingertips – and you won’t have to do a dash to the kitchen every five minutes!

Reclaimed wood sideboard next to wood dining table with cream fabric dining chairs

Photo featuring: Farringdon Medium Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

In between celebratory get-togethers you can use the top of the sideboard to show off some of your prized possessions. Whether that be house plants, some candle holders, a table lamp, family photos or simply a lovely vase with some seasonal cut flowers. With a mirror hanging over the sideboard you can turn this piece of furniture into an eye-catching feature in your dining room.

Industrial sideboard with glass table lam, glass vases and green aloe vera plant

A large sideboard can accommodate all sorts of things in the living room as well – a music, book or DVD collection, kids toys and books to name just a few things. You can stand a lamp on it to provide mood lighting or your TV if you don’t have space for a rustic TV stand as well as a sideboard to provide hidden storage space. In open-plan living spaces, you try positioning an industrial sideboard in such a way that it will zone the space so you can define living space and dining space.