Why choose unique reclaimed wood furniture for your home

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Forest in United Kingdom

Did you know that on 21st March it’s the International Day of Forests. If you haven’t heard of it – the International Day of Forests is a celebration to raise awareness of the importance of woodlands and trees and to recognize the ways in which forests sustain us as a society.

At Modish Living, we love to work with natural reclaimed wood. We even have our Worcester Reclaimed Wood Desk in our gorgeous Sussex studio.

Why? Because not only does it look beautiful, and add a real charisma to your home, it is sustainable too. One of the big benefits of using reclaimed timber is that it prevents unnecessary waste entering into landfills, instead giving old wood a new lease of life and thus preventing the need for further trees to be cut down. And, one of the best things about reclaimed wood furniture, is that, as everything is handmade and nothing is mass produced, each piece of furniture is truly individual.

And its not only the prevention of cutting down trees that makes reclaimed wood wonderfully sustainable. Wood is a major renewable energy source, currently making up around 45% of the global renewable energy supply. Not only that, strategically placing trees in urban areas is actually said to lower energy bills and contribute to optimal urban living, specifically by cooling the air temperature.

It is certainly a resource we should cherish and make the most of – repurposing wood into beautiful reclaimed wood is just one of the many ways we can do that. So how do you like to use reclaimed wood in your home?

Dulwich High Reclaimed Wood Bed and Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

There is something calming about reclaimed wood – whether its the piece of mind that its natural or the beautiful unique markings on the wood, reclaimed wood makes for the perfect rustic bedroom. Two of our newest collections have been handcrafted from reclaimed wood and are truly stunning. Whether you’re looking for a light wood large chest of drawers or a grey-toned blanket box for the end of your bed, these collections may be the answer.

One of the other best uses of reclaimed wood is a reclaimed wood dining table. As the largest piece of furniture in most dining rooms, and with a gorgeous table top to showcase the beautiful natural markings of the wood, a reclaimed dining table is able to make a real statement whether you prefer classic styles or ultra modern pieces.

Are you a fan of reclaimed wood furniture? Let us know your favourite reclaimed wood piece in your home.