Why is a dining bench a key trend for 2021?

Reclaimed wood dining table with matching dining bench and sheepskin throw

The dining bench is completely on-trend right now and works so well with reclaimed wood furniture. Here we look at some of the huge plusses it brings to your dining room or kitchen diner.

Wooden bench and table in the sun

Choose your style

First and foremost benches are bang on trend right now and because of this, there are many different styles on the market to choose from. From the humble locker room style wooden bench and Scandi inspired designs, to a chunky industrial bench or a very elegant gold or silver legged velvet upholstered bench.

Wooden table with black steel spider legs and grey faux leather bench

Photo featuring: Mitcham Industrial Oak Spider Leg Dining Table with Cleo Faux Leather Dining Bench and Dining Chairs

Fit more around the table

This is, of course, one of the key benefits – you can squeeze more around the table if you want to. On the nights when it’s just your family dining you can spread out and have plenty of space, but when you have guests everyone can squeeze up a bit to make room for one or two extra people around the table. We love a dining bench and chairs combo – it’s a perfect choice for around a reclaimed wood dining table.

Reclaimed wood dining table with pedestal leg and grey fabric armchairs

Photo featuring: Hoxton Reclaimed Wood Refectory Dining Table

Save space

A bench will take up less room than a dining chair. If you have a corner you can fit a table in then a built-in bench could be just what you need. No need to pull chairs out, you can just slide in and use dining chairs on the remaining sides of the table – these work so well in kitchen / diner corners and of course you can get benches with hinged lids to make a bit of extra storage space too. Opt for a rustic wood dining table with a pedestal leg like the Mitcham oak table and you can fit a larger table in the space available….and no legs in the way to bang knees into. As a guide to help you work out how much space you need you should allow enough space so that when you sit on it the front of the bench is at the same line as the front of the table.

Wooden table and dining bench against kitchen island with grey chairs

A lower focal point

If your space is small then you can choose a reclaimed wood dining table and bench set with no back; this will make a small space look larger and less interrupted. Dining benches work really well against a wall or partition in the room as you can use this as the back of your bench. They are also great if you have a view you want to make the most of.

Wooden dining table in pale wood with matching dining bench and stool

Glam up your bench

You can treat a dining bench like a sofa. So go for it! Add some cushions and throws to glam it up. You can coordinate this with your existing colour scheme or take the opportunity to add some contrast to the room. You can position a floor lamp next to it, for more intimate after dinner lighting.