Why opt for a spider leg dining table for Christmas?

Close up of Christmas dining table with small pine wreath and decanter and glass of red wine

This Christmas is shaping up to be a little different for most of us but here we look at why a spider leg table is a great longer-term investment for your home.

Wooden dining table decorated with christmas decorations and wooden sign spelling family

The main bonus of course of a spider leg table is that the legs are not at the corners of the dining table, making it perfect if you entertain a lot and like to get a few extra around the table….without people banging their knees into the table legs. It’s also easier to slide onto a dining bench or sit down into the end dining chairs without the table legs in the way, there’s also more space to slot in an extra chair or two when needed, ideal for future large family celebrations.

A big bonus is of course, that they just look so superbly stylish! The three we are featuring in this blog have eye-catching industrial style spider legs.

An industrial dining table is an incredibly popular choice right now – they lend themselves to many interior styles – you can reinforce the industrial look by coordinating with an industrial sideboard, pair your spider leg table with other reclaimed wood furniture items, soften the industrial lines with a rustic cottage interior theme or elevate to luxury with rich and sumptuously padded fabric dining chairs.

Close up of wooden dining table with thick black metal spider leg, tan leather dining chairs and grey faux leather bench with back

Photo featuring: Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

The Rocco

This gorgeous oak dining table is definitely for the style and quality conscious. The sustainably sourced solid oak used for the tabletop is finished with a light / natural oil lacquered finish. This rustic dining table top showcases the natural beauty of solid oak and is chamfered in to give it a streamlined profile. Style this rectangular table with wooden chairs and an upholstered bench – using a bench again will allow you to make the most of the additional seating space…. you can get more people onto a dining bench as opposed to chairs.

Oval industrial oak dining table with black spider leg and grey velvet dining chairs

Photo featuring: Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table

The Sussex Parquet

This table is definitely in a class of its own. Not only does it feature the stylish and practical spider leg but the tabletop has been crafted in an eye-catching parquet design. An oval table makes a family meal or a Christmas dinner party a more intimate event as you can look across to other diners more easily. Without corners, it will also give the impression of taking up less space in the room. This classy table is sure to be a talking point among your dinner guests, especially if you pair it with sophisticated and exquisitely comfortable velvet chairs. Here we have paired it with the soft grey Bladon chair to soften the elevate the industrial look and add a touch of luxury.

Close up of parquet dining table with black steel frame and small plate on table

The Mitcham

This is another rectangular table with a spider leg – the finish on this is a little darker than on the Rocco and the tabletop has a straight edge. The gorgeous natural wood finish is still there though, the same as on the Rocco. As you can see in the image we have paired it up with chairs and a dining bench from the industrially influenced Cleo faux leather range.

Rustic dining table with black steel spider legs, tan leather dining chairs and bamboo mirror on wall

Photo featuring: Mitcham Industrial Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

So, when you are purchasing a new dining table and want something that is as practical as it is stylish you really should think about the benefits of choosing a spider leg table. These oak tables are beautifully made and will give you many years of comfortable dining pleasure.