3 best colours for a chic rustic living room

3 best colours for a chic rustic living room

rustic living room with brown couch, wooden floor and rustic tv stand

If you thought the idea of rustic style was something that really only belonged in a quaint chocolate-box cottage, then you might be surprised. When executed properly, with the right rustic furniture, colours and, of course, accessories, the rustic style can be applied to any type of living room. It can work in homes ranging from the more traditional to a contemporary apartment building. But how do you make it work for you? And what colours should you pair with it?

What is rustic style?

The modern rustic look is one that offers a somewhat soothing quality to your home. It is a look that is built around the use of raw edges, natural materials, such as reclaimed wood furniture and stone, along with soft colours.

The key to creating this type of style is informal elegance and in the modern home that can also mean open floor plans, preserved natural architectural details and plenty of light. It’s also important to get the colour right to keep the rustic look fresh and modern. With this in mind let’s take a look at three palettes that complement a contemporary rustic living room.

1. Neutral

white living room with modern rustic furniture and white rug

A neutral (think off-white, beige, light grey or magnolia) colour scheme can give you a fantastic backdrop against which your key pieces of rustic furniture can take centre stage and create the perfect rustic living room. For example, a cosy brown leather sofa beside a rustic coffee table – these are great pieces of furniture to build your rustic decor around. Whilst a neutral palette is a fantastic colour for your walls and floors, without the right touches it risks looking cold and lack the rustic charm you are striving for. The extra touches that you can add by way of accessories offer the perfect opportunity to add a bit of warmth that will help bring the rustic look together. Muted tones, such as grey and dusky pinks will ensure you don’t stray too far from your neutral pallet, but will add some much needed warmth; think rugs, cushions with textures and even artwork.

2. Bold and Dark

rustic coffee table in living room with dark blue feature wall and cream fabric sofa

There is something about a smaller living room that works really well with bolder darker colours. Darker greens and deep blues are a great combination with reclaimed wood furniture, helping to create a warm and welcoming space that invites you to relax. The key is to be subtle and not overdo things – less is more when it comes to dark shades and creating the perfect rustic living space. Use a splash of colour to create feature walls or with accessories, such as rugs, throws and cushions, as well as cosy lighting to create a rustic glow at night.

3. Natural colours and textures

rustic living room with modern wood panelling and cream armchair

Our final colour scheme, and one that works particularly well in a rustic living room, brings natural earthy colours together to complement the textures of rustic furniture. Colours that you should consider here include a range of browns and muted tones like sage green. These colours work wonderfully well with brown leather sofas and standalone pieces of furniture like a wooden side table and lamp combination. They also bring a fantastic contemporary contrast against natural exposed brick work and wood panelling – both raw or painted – to create a contemporary rustic look. Continue the natural theme throughout the room to create a cohesive rustic look with some well placed foliage; a plant or a stone vase of grasses would work really well.

Are you considering mixing up your colour scheme to fit around your rustic furniture? If so, what colours are you considering? Leave a comment below and share your ideas.