How can I make my bedroom look rustic?

How can I make my bedroom look rustic blog

rustic bedroom with solid wood bed frame

When done well, there can be something very calming and restful about a rustic bedroom. Whether you live in a modern loft conversion apartment or a period property, the rustic look is easier to achieve than you might think. If you’re unsure as to how to create a room that emulates the rustic style, here are some pointers to get you started on your bedroom makeover.

Add some vintage and reclaimed pieces

When it comes to the rustic look, modern furniture just isn’t going to cut it. Shop around for some vintage pieces and consider adding reclaimed wood furniture. This type of furniture has authentic character and will add immediate charm to your bedroom. Consider the key pieces of bedroom furniture you need, a rustic bed, wooden chest of drawers and maybe even a wooden blanket box. Vintage accessories will also help to tie the rustic look together.

reclaimed solid wood bed frame

Consider your colour palette

Whilst dark and bold colours can work really well for the rustic look, these shades are usually more suited to the other rooms in your home such as the living room or dining room. When it comes to the bedroom, opt for a softer look by using neutral shades, or if you want to bring-in a colour, gentle pastels are a great addition. These shades work really well with the unique character of rustic bedroom furniture. Don’t just limit yourself to your walls with your colour scheme, though. Remember to think about the floor, coving and ceiling as well, for a completely cohesive look.

solid wood bed with pastel pink colours

Layer textures

Never underestimate the importance of textures when completing the look of your room. When they are layered, different textures can help to not only add an element of visual interest to your room but can also provide a cosier feel. Sometimes, opting for lighter colours in a room can make it seem a little cold and flat, but textures are the finishing touch that will bring the rustic look of your bedroom together. Think about using throws, cushions and even rugs to help add this texture, and remember, you don’t need to stick to just one texture. When it comes to layering consider a range of textures – natural fabrics, tactile textures, linen for the sheets rather than cotton – these small touches will make a big difference to the look of your room.

Think panelling

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture collection with dark painted panelled wall

Panelling, whether for a half wall or feature wall, is a great rustic feature that you can be easily added to your bedroom. The key, as with everything here, is not to overdo it. Just one wall of panelling can really alter the look of the room – fix a row of wooden pegs to the panelling and add another dimension to your décor.

Light and bright

One final thing to consider when creating your rustic bedroom look is to keep your room light and bright. A bedroom should be a calm and tranquil space, so don’t clutter it with lots of furniture. A small rustic bedside table, for example, will often work much better than something larger. Lightweight curtains are a great way of giving the room a brighter feel – and offer another texture. Lighting should be gentle rather than harsh, and bedside lamps are a much better way of achieving this than a single bright overhead light.

rustic wooden bed frame with modern hanging pendant lights

Hopefully, the tips above will help you create the rustic bedroom you’re dreaming of. Why not let us know how you’ve transformed your bedroom by bringing in a little rustic charm in the comment box below?

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