3 Great ideas to style a gold rug

Louis de Poortere Rug and Grey Sofa

Gold doesn’t have to be a difficult colour to work with but with brassier tones, you may be worried a gold rug could look out of place in your home. If you are decorating a room from scratch, start with the rug and build the rest of the room, including the reclaimed wood coffee table and other items around its beautiful hues.

IDEA 1 – Traditional, classic, super-elegant

Starting with the sandy gold rug, we love the traditional look that works so well with it.

Louis de Poortere Khayma Fairfield Sandy Gold Rug

Maintain the traditional look with the iconic shape of the brown leather Chesterfield sofa, completing the frame of three with an industrial coffee table.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Coffee Table

The golden tones and brown hues of this traditional and industrial combination are ideal for when you want to add warmth and texture to a space.

Burnley Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Lighter colours open up a room and with the lighter sandy gold rug on the floor, it instantly creates a more open feeling to the room. Keep the wall colours neutral with light hints of cream or beige. We know that statement ceilings are predicted to be on trend in 2019 but a crisp, white ceiling would complement the rug.

IDEA 2 – Gold industrial glamour

Occasional, a trend comes along that everyone falls in love with and we love the fusion of gold glamour with the edginess of the industrial look.

Louis de Poortere Columbus Gold Rug

Still warm and inviting, we love the combination of the deeper golden tones of the Columbus gold rug alongside the strands of grey.

Hanbury Gold Linen Sofa

Paired with our new arrival, the Hanbury gold linen sofa, it is a combination that shrieks delight from every angle. Continue this edginess with the beautiful side bookcase, a statement piece if ever there was one.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Bookcase

The final piece of this jigsaw has to be the beauty of an industrial coffee table. We’ve opted for the chunkier but still as delightful Maddox industrial large coffee table, complete with rustic reclaimed wood top.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table

IDEA 3 – Spicy warmth

In a larger room, a darker colour can help it feel cosier and ‘brought together’. In the winter months, we often seek warmth and comfort from darker colours, a great way to balance the grey of winter days and the chill of winter evenings.

Louis de Poortere Cracks Depp Mine Rug

This spicy gold rug from our collection is a great starting point for adding drama to a room and pairs perfectly with reclaimed wood furniture. Available in seven sizes, you are sure to find the correct size for your room – don’t forget, rug size is important because too small, its impact will be lost but too big, and the room will look cluttered.

Grayson Lounge Sofa

We’ve added yet more spice with this beautiful velvet sofa, a deeper shade of mustard yellow that adds zing and zest to any room.

Belfort Industrial Coffee Table

We’ve retained symmetry and cohesion by choosing two pieces from the same range. The gold-framed Belfort industrial coffee table frames the lush sofa perfectly, whilst a Belfort industrial side table on either end of the sofa would add to the beauty of this room. Top them with identical table lamps to ooze sophistication.

In our eyes, everything that shimmers IS gold. Don’t you agree?