4 Industrial friendly pendant lights

Rattan Gaze Pendant Light above reclaimed dining table

It’s no wonder we love the industrial style for your dining room – minimal, yet warm, practical, yet stylish, the industrial style has something to offer every home. But when it comes to lighting the industrial reclaimed wood furniture in the room, such as the reclaimed wood dining table, just what kind of industrial pendant light will cast a fabulous glow that allows the grain to stand out?

At the heart of this utilitarian style is the marriage of natural and ‘industrial’ materials. And so exposed beams and brickwork is the order of the day. In the dining room, this means fusing reclaimed wood with the coolness of steel and other metals.

Pendant lighting is ideal in the dining room as it can cast a soft glow above the dining table, perfect for when you want to create ambience when entertaining and for when you need a practical layer of light too. But which style suits the industrial dining room?

Stick with natural materials

A chandelier would look a little out of place over your 6 seater dining table, although it is possible to add a streak of glamour to the industrial style. That said, sticking with natural materials is a great way forward. But that doesn’t mean it has to be predictable.

Volcanic rock

Yes, you read that right! Volcanic rock pendant lights make for the perfect style simply because they have a raw yet refined edge to them that fits right in with the crux of the industrial style.

Imagine the talking point of these pendant lights as your guests sit around your 8 seater dining table!

Rock Pendant Light

Contemporary woodchip shades

This is recycling and repurposing at its best. Wood shavings and dust are often compressed into wood pellets, making great fuel for biomass boilers and heating systems. Who knew that wood chips also make a great material for lampshades too?

Large Woodchip Pendant Light

The woodchip pendant light would be ideal in an industrial dining room that also has a contemporary edge to it. This pendant light is the perfect contrast for casting its illuminating glow above an oak dining table and chairs, flanked by both a sideboard and bookcase for a symmetrical finish.

Bamboo beauty

A bamboo pendant light can also look stunning in the industrial styled dining room, sitting well alongside other items of reclaimed wood furniture. Bamboo is a lightweight hollow material that is not only light to the touch but has a lightness about its style and finish too. This doesn’t mean it is lost in the room, especially when you opt for larger pendant shades or shaped ones for your bamboo light. in other words, add a touch of underestimated detail and allow your diners to discover its beauty as the evening wears on.

Bamboo Orbital Pendant Light

Rattan rhapsody

It’s easy to confuse bamboo and rattan but whereas bamboo is hollow, rattan is solid. Strong and capable of holding different shapes, the voluminous shade of a rattan pendant light above your industrial dining table could be just what is needed.

Rattan Gaze Pendant Light

Casting a scattered glow around the room, the black rattan shade is certainly dramatic, without adding clutter to the eyeline.