Kitchen storage steals for rustic homes

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard in dining room

The rustic style kitchen is a delight to behold. But as with all kitchens, you need plenty of storage options. However, choosing the right furniture solutions can be tough, from the reclaimed dining table to the choice of seating, especially if you want to stick with the context of the style you have chosen. In terms of the rustic furniture style, it is possible to borrow elements from the farmhouse kitchen style too.

Dresser or sideboard – which would you choose?

There is a range of options but when it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, there are two particular options that fit beautifully – the kitchen sideboard and the kitchen dresser.

The sideboard

Pert and delightful, the sideboard is a great option the smaller rustic kitchen. There is either the two-door cabinet to choose or for more storage versatility, opt for a combo of drawers and cupboard space.

Great for your prized dinner service safe, a sideboard can also make a great drinks cabinet in the smaller kitchen (or dining room).

The combination of white painted furniture with a bare wood top is a classic rustic furniture style and a small sideboard won’t close down the space either.

Medium Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Lighten the space further with bamboo pendant lights and opt for a linen white tablecloth, all of which helps pull the modern rustic kitchen and dining area together.

More space? How about a rustic dresser?

Synonymous with the farmhouse style, the kitchen dresser will not be out of place in the modern rustic kitchen either. If you have an expanse of wall, then the versatility that the dresser can offer the rustic kitchen knows no bounds.

Reclaimed wood furniture is charming in any guise but the combination of storage solutions from a kitchen dresser is a double win. The Chelwood reclaimed wood dresser has both cabinet and cupboard space as well as an expanse of top, perfect for showcasing some of your prettier kitchen tools and accoutrements.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dresser

Again, keep the surroundings neutral but warm in shade, with white tablecloths and napkins to meld with the lightness of the dresser.

Refined rustic appeal

The rustic style is often known as having a rawness to it but it can have a refined edge too. If you feel that a white dresser will be too stark for your rustic kitchen, opting for a warm shade of cream will be the ideal solution.

There is a soft elegance to the cream shade of the Worcester large kitchen dresser, and the combination of painted wood and bare wood means it is the ideal piece for adding a range of storage solutions to the kitchen too.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Large Dresser

For items you want on show, why not consider a cabinet with glass doors for storing your dinner service. The six small drawers are also perfect for cutlery and other smaller items. As an investment, you can’t go far wrong with a kitchen dresser.

Which would you choose – a sideboard or a kitchen dresser?