4 Tips on how to keep your living room tidy

Rocco Oak Industrial Tall Display Unit

Do you look with envy at the glossy pages of magazines or website of home bloggers at their super-tidy living room? You may think that with a family, pets and a busy work schedule that tidiness at home automatically suffers. But with these tips and some great industrial style furniture, we show you how to enjoy a tidy living room, without the hassle.

The skill of keeping a living room tidy is to impose a system of order. And so with this in mind, we take a look at the four key principles of keeping your living room tidy without being obsessive.

Tip 1 – Easy access

Storage is the key to a tidy room, whether that’s the hallway, the kitchen or the living room. But storage that cannot be accessed easily is a lost cause. The more people have to fiddle, move stuff, open stuff and close stuff to put something away, the less likely they are to do it.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

At its simplest, the blanket box is surely the best easy access storage solution for the living room – and it doubles as an industrial coffee table too, if you need it to.

Great for kids toys and encouraging them to put everything away when they have finished.

Tip 2 – Order

Grouping similar things together means you are more likely to find things when you need them, saving you hours of frustration trying to find something.

Mitcham Industrial Oak TV Unit

For example, an industrial TV cabinet is great for keeping DVDs, games consoles, remote control and similar things.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

An industrial coffee table also helps to keeps books, magazines and other bits and bobs together. Opt for one that has drawers too so you have different solutions.

Tip 3 – On Show storage

Sometimes the best solution is to have some nicer looking things on show. Shelving is a great storage solution in the living room.

Aviator Vintage Jet Bookcase

You can leave it open such as in the case of a bookcase – why not ring the changes with this fantastic bookcase from the Aviator range? You can use these items to balance out the symmetry of the bookcase in the living room. you can either cluster similar things together or cluster similar colours.

The other thing with shelving is the order it can give you. Things you use rarely out on the uppermost shelves, regular things towards the middle and occasionally used items on the bottom shelving.

Tip 4 – Hidden

Every living room needs a certain amount of hidden storage, similar to that offered by the blanket box-cum-coffee table.

Rocco Industrial Oak Display Unit

However, you might not want to hide everything away and when this is the case, you need hybrid options such as this part display unit, part drawer unit. As industrial furniture goes, the oak display cabinet with shelving and drawers is simply beautiful.

However, if you do want cupboard space as opposed to blanket boxes In the living room, we have an option in the stylish form of the industrial reclaimed wood sideboard. Elegant and utterly charming, the detail on the front of this piece from the Barclay Collection is to be admired.

In four easy to follow tips, we have solved your messy living room problem!