All about extendable dining tables and why we love them

Lansdowne Dining Table and Bench

Every home should have an extendable dining table in our opinion, folding up from a 6 seater dining table to more, or from a 4 seater to a 6. Offering more space in the blink of an eye, they are a functional addition that many people can’t imagine living without. From accommodating a gaggle of unexpected guests at dinner to other practical uses, the extendable dining table is a worthy investment.

But how do they work? Are they safe? Is one extending mechanism better than another?

The Standford extendable table – the butterfly extension

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining

The butterfly is a beautiful insect, and the way in which it unfolds and stores away its wings is the inspiration behind the Standford extending dining table. This piece of reclaimed wood furniture is sought after, and it’s not hard to see why.

With a simple mechanism, the rustic dining table top pulls apart and the middle layer forms the extendable option, effectively increasing the overhang at each end of the reclaimed wood dining table.

The extending ‘flap’ is then clicked into place so there is no danger of it collapsing back in when someone leans on it.

The Farringdon extending dining table – a farmhouse style table

The Standford is a beautiful example of the industrial dining table whilst the Farringdon extending dining table is a beautiful example of the farmhouse dining table.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table

Essentially, in the farmhouse kitchen/diner, it is the table that is its beating heart. It is a place around which everyone gathers for everything from meal times to family time, playing board games or simply sitting, talking, listening and laughing together.

It too has a simple and easy to use extending flap so when you need extra tabletop space, you have it.

The Beam extending table – the slide and lock option

The idea behind an extending table is to make it bigger, for example from a four to a six-seater dining table (actually, you can squeeze more around it – we’ve tried!).

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The versatility of such a table knows no bounds but with the Beam rustic dining table, there are more options – either one extending flap or two.

With this design, the extending section is at either end of the short edge of the table – if you opt for two – and a simple ‘slide and lock’ mechanism.

So if there is a homework project carrying on for a few nights, there is no need to keep it all – just slide out the extending flap when serving dinner.

The Lansdowne trestle extending table – simple, easy to use extensions

The extendable table is not just for the farmhouse – it can be for the modern, industrial home too and the trestle table we know, epitomises the industrial, utilitarian look.

Lansdowne Industrial Reclaimed Table

Similar to the Beam table, the extending parts of the Lansdowne trestle table are flaps at either end of the table or you can opt for the one extending leaf.

As well as the versatility of the extensions, why not opt for the matching dining bench? There are times when the best dinner parties are the unplanned, informal, let-us-all-squash-around-the-table ones.

The type of extension that suits you

The middle extension tables work great for families who need it occasionally but when they do, they want it a fixed option.

For those of us who require extra space on a regular and frequent basis, the extending flaps can be the ideal solution because as fast as they are to pull out, they are just as simple and easy to push back in.

Have you considered an extending table for your home?