4 Tips to renovate your living room like a pro

Woman Planning Interior Decor

Woman Planning Notebook on Reclaimed Wood Table

Remodelling the living room can be advantageous in so many ways. As well as giving it a crisp, clean style, you can also create a space that truly works for you and your family.

In this renovation blog, we look at what you need to consider when renovating the living room. Surprisingly, there is a lot more to think about than ripping everything out, and simply painting the walls and ordering a new sofa.

Research and plan

Like other rooms, make a ‘mood board’ for your newly renovated living room so you can see the colours and feel the textures. Research what the current styles and must-have trends are, taking elements from these that work for you.

Mood Board for Renovation Planning

Remember, you are not creating a show home, but a space that allows you and your family to live it and love it.

Consider a style that works

Its easy to become lost and swayed by the glossy pictures in magazines but remember, a style needs to support what you do and how you live in your home.

Here are just two style idea that could work;

·The Scandinavian style is popular, and it is easy to understand why. A pleasing mix of warm and natural materials, it is unfussy but without the starkness of minimalism.

·The rustic style has a homely feel to it, perfect for packing a punch in terms of style without changing how you live in your home

Think colour

Designer Choosing Colour

Colour can open and close a room; it can cool it or add vibes of warmth.

Work with colour and shade to see how the natural light in the room affects it. What looks fabulous under the white lights of the DIY store will take on a different hue in your living room.

Wycombe Oak Side Table

Consider how you will add colour. Will you opt for the chic coolness of Scandinavian furniture, such as a small occasional table, and the mellowness of a neutral shaded Scandinavian sofa, for example?

Or maybe you will add depth and drama with a deeply-coloured but strikingly gorgeous velvet sofa?

Think textures

Style and colour dovetail with texture. It is the layers of texture in a room that add depth.

Kielder Oak Nest of Side Tables

The Scandinavian style should be warm and without fuss. Achieve this with wood and natural materials – the deep pile sheepskin rug, for example, is a must – but opt for lighter woods. Reclaimed furniture can fit right in because it has the warmth of its past too, to add depth to the space.

The rustic look has a less refined finish and this adds texture to your remodelled living room that is divine, if it suits, of course. This doesn’t mean it is coarse and unfinished, just that the depth of the wood’s character and past can be touched, a great finish for any furniture. A reclaimed wood coffee table is a great addition – useful yet still strikingly beautiful.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The rustic style adds a certain something to items that we may, in the past, have considered mundane. But there is nothing mundane about a rustic TV stand, for example.

Beam Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

Think your lifestyle

Plan, create and renovate the living room so that the style supports the way you live, but always choose items, colours and textures that you fall in love with. That way, it is a unique renovation and perfect for you.