How to create a green living space for a sophisticated soothing style

Cat in Living Room

Green is a soothing colour, ideal for creating a living room that invites people to relax and enjoy the space.

There are many shades from which to choose, from the earthiness of dark green to a lighter, sun-washed green. Styled well, this can give your rooms a sophisticated edge. But how do you go about it?

Green with dashes of strong yellow

Green Wallpaper in Living Room with Grey Sofa

Too much of one colour can create stagnate the flow of a room and with the colour green, you will want to pick a strong colour that mirrors it perfectly.

That’s why we love the strong, vibrant glowing yellow in this living room. considering there are only three yellow accessories, it plucks the room from ordinary to fresh and vibrant.

Large, leafy green print wallpaper is on-trend and right-now. It doesn’t overpower the space because it covers a small expanse of the wall but with the supporting light sage green panelling, it simply lifts the space. This would work perfectly with an industrial sideboard, or perhaps with an industrial coffee table placed artfully next to the wall.

Louis de Poortere Khayma Fairfield Green Border Rug

Instead of the sisal rug, you could opt for a light touch green rug, alongside the majesty of a velvet chesterfield sofa for yet more hints of drama.

Scandinavian delight

Cat on Green Beanbag

The Scandinavian style is all about embracing the neutral and the natural. But when you want a hint of something different, why not included the refined industrial-type materials, such as polished gold or brass?

Dark, earthy green would work well in the Scandinavian styled living room, the light beech wood and the wooden floors the perfect foil to a colour that could be too dirty, too dark, too muddy and too overpowering.

Dark green leather bean bags are informal, slouched seating but if this isn’t your thing, then opt for a dark green low backed sofa. Choose a modern and unfussy design, with simple finishing and minimal detailing.

If you are opting for darker shades of green, make sure you utilise as much natural light in the space to stop the gloom from settling. In smaller rooms where this could be a problem, lighten the mood with light wood finishes and plenty of ambient light.

Chalfont Industrial Wood TV Unit

And leave the detailing to the furniture, such as the effortless style of the Chalfont industrial wooden TV stand. Admire the pattern, note the legwork and yet with all that detailing, you would think it should be too fussy.

Naturally green

Cactus on White Coffee Table and Grey Sofa

The best way of introducing green into either an industrial landscaped living room or one styled along the crispness of the Scandinavian style is to use plants as part of living room decor.

From cacti to lush, green palms, there are so many houseplants that can bring so much colour, and naturally too, into a space.

Their impact is heightened when they are clustered, such as in this modern, almost Scandinavian space.

But leave uniformity behind. The power of three is a powerful suggestion. Opt for one larger, statement plant with a presence in both sizes of the plant and its leaves.

Foil this with the slender tips of the cacti, tightly bunched in and then add a smaller plant from the cacti family.

Is green a colour you love and naturally turn to?