Bring some sunshine yellow to your dining room

Yellow Flowers on Table

Yellow Flowers on Table with Lemons and Cake

The colour of hope, sunshine and happiness, yellow is a colour loved by many.

But in terms of interior styling, some believe it is a difficult colour to work with. Some shades are strong and golden, but others are barely whispers of yellow and yet, match it against another darker, bolder colour and it takes on a creaminess of lightly churned butter.

We are here to show you that you can work with yellow, and it does work in the dining room with reclaimed furniture. and although we are focussed on summer – because why not? The sun is shining! – yellow is a colour you can use all year round.

Brighten the gloom and grey of winter with it or welcome the autumn with it or dash away winter by marrying it with spring. But this summer, use it in the dining room.

Yellow and the farmhouse style

Yellow works with most styles, just vary the shade to match. But there is one that welcomes it, no matter how golden or light in shade it is– the farmhouse style.

How many reclaimed wood dining tables do we see, resplendent with yellow checks and dainty fellow flowers? An uplifting sight if ever there was one. There’s something about a farmhouse dining table bedecked in yellow that brings out the sunshine in us all.

Ice cream yellow

Pantone are the colour experts thus when they released a colour scheme of ice cream pastel, including a delicious yellow, we collectively swooned.

A mid-tone yellow, it can be used as the star of the show or, as an accent, it is that versatile.

Throw caution to the wind

If you are cautious, then opt for painted walls that you could change with a swish of a paint roller but live with it, for a few months at least.

For the less cautious of you, why not try;

Louis de Poortere Cameo Rug - Vanilla Dream

·Rug – a rug in the dining room should be essential in our humble opinion. This Vanilla Dream yellow rug is the perfect addition, and a dream indeed. Light in shade it isn’t overly bearing in terms of yellow, just enough to stand out.

Grayson Velvet Armchair

·Armchair – Would you dare? As an accent colour, yellow we think is one of the best, something we have written on before. A deep, mustard yellow or even sunshine yellow is a sheer delight.

Emirates Yellow Upholstered Dining Chair

·Dining chair – make sunshine in your home a permanent feature with yellow fabric dining chairs and watch as people admire your courage in styling.

Yellow accessories

Sunflowers, one of the happiest flowers in the world. And it is magical too because who can fail to raise a smile when they see the proud, pristine yellow head of the sunflower in gardens and vases?

Sunflowers on Wooden Dining Table

Fabulous in a large, slender vase, sunflowers will last a time in the dining room, as will other yellow flowers. Change the water daily and let them enjoy the sunshine on a window sill – look out for blousy yellow chrysanthemums, for example.

Yellow Chrysanthemums Flowers

Plant pots and window boxes with yellow pansies and violas, intercepting them with the orange of marigolds to vary the appeal.

Good for the soul and the mind

There is some research that suggests eating foods that are yellow – as well as red and orange – are full on sunshine because, it is, after all, why they are yellow in the first place.

From yellow peppers to varieties of tomatoes, using yellow ingredients and eating yellow foods can help your sense of well-being.

There are some in the Mediterranean who believe sunshine food served alongside oily fish is the perfect antidote to feeling blue.

We’d go along with this theory, especially if it means your food is as uplifting as the décor you’ve created in your dining room!