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5 beautiful industrial sideboards that caught our eye

5 beautiful industrial sideboards that caught our eye

With storage and style in abundance, a large sideboard is a great addition to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, studies and even bathrooms.

At Modish Living, we're big fans of industrial furniture because it mixes classic with contemporary in an interesting way with pieces often featuring quirky designs which really make a statement. Here we share five of our favourite industrial sideboards which we think are beyond perfect!

Rocco Industrial Oak Sideboard

Sideboards are typically slim-line, which makes the perfect for packing in lots of extra storage if you don't have much room. We love the Rocco Industrial Oak Sideboard for its light wood appearance and clean lines, offering an overall sleek appearance. But not only does it look great, with a depth of just 45cm, the Rocco Sideboard makes a fantastic hallway or living room sideboard if you have limited space.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Sideboard

Alternatively, sideboards can make perfect media units in your living room. With enviable space for games consoles, set-top boxes, DVD players etc. plus plenty of room to spare, a sideboard like the Mitcham Industrial Oak Squared Large Sideboard will keep all your living room essentials neatly out of sight for a sophisticated, serene environment. The lower height of the Mitcham Sideboard makes this the perfect choice if you're planning to use your sideboard to double up as a media unit and the stylish square front creates a unique, Bohemian feel which will work beautifully with rustic furniture styles.

In your dining room, paired with an industrial dining table, a sideboard is the perfect accompaniment. Useful for storing glassware and dinnerware (perhaps those glasses you save for special occasions?), a sideboard also creates space for adding personality to your dining room. The table top creates space to pop a statement table light, some brightly coloured blooms or perhaps a stack of beautiful coffee table books. But above, a sideboard creates the perfect wall space to anchor artwork so it isn't just floating in the middle of the wall. For a cohesive look, try and blend the artwork in with an item on your sideboard - for example with a colour, or an item like large tropical leaves. Perhaps add a modern rug to a similar colour for a room which looks wonderfully thought through.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Sideboard

For the dining room, we're big fans of the Mitcham Oak and Concrete Sideboard. The concrete resin outing creates a unique finish which breaks up the wood (perfect in a room like the dining room with such a large piece of furniture as a dining table) and the steel black legs make for an achingly cool finish. Alternatively, for more grey-toned dining room tables, the Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Sideboard is perfect. The beautiful cupboard fronts, reminiscent of parquet flooring, make for a classic style but the black framing adds a unique twist which creates an eye-catching overall appearance.

Aviator Sideboard

And finally... to give your home a pleasingly quirky twist, how about the Aviator Sideboard? Perfect in a room like your study where you can afford to have fun with your decor, the sleek aluminium panels and iconic riveting create a true statement in a piece which also provides practical storage space.

How about it? Make a sideboard your home's secret weapon.



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