5 Brilliant Need-to-Knows about Reclaimed Wood

A reclaimed wooden coffee table with bowls of food and a plant

A wooden dining table with plates and food on top and wooden dining chairs around

We have been using wood for hundreds of thousands of years. Even before early man discovered fire we were using wood to make tools, implements and weapons and our long love affair with this magnificent material is as strong as ever.

Despite modern breakthroughs, wood is still considered the most versatile and beautiful of materials for making furniture. Resilient and adaptable, it can have multiple lifetimes and although you can use any type to make furniture, not all woods are equal. In fact, every piece is different, which is why we love it so much, but that does mean it’s important to understand all of its amazing intricacies to make sure you choose the right furniture for you.

This is why we’ve put together our Top 5 brilliant need-to-knows about reclaimed wood.


If only wood could talk, what stories it could tell! You can’t beat the history reclaimed wood furniture brings. Reclaimed wood is experienced, grounded and wise – qualities that are as invaluable in furniture making as they are in life. Some wood can be as old as 200 years and still look better than its younger counterparts!

An old wooden door with a brown padlock


One of the things that we like most about reclaimed wood is that it is full of character, and by character, we mean imperfections. Much of this comes from its age and history – nail holes, bolt holes, bug holes, staining, open knots and even scratches We love the process of finding ways to use reclaimed wood to create unique furniture and give it a new story to tell. For example, old scaffolding boards with tall stories crafted into a modern office desk ready for a new and very different career ahead.

Scaffolding boards


Reclaimed wood furniture is genuine and comfortable in its own skin. It has evolved over the years to become what you see today and its proud of how it looks. And just like us, no two beams, planks or boards are exactly alike. We love this about reclaimed wood and think it adds to the excitement of buying a reclaimed wood dining table or reclaimed wood bed frame, but it does come with its surprises. Those wonderful cracks, nail holes, knots and tones differ from wood to wood and furniture to furniture, so when you’re buying reclaimed wood furniture you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. There will be slight differences in tone and texture, all of which add to its individuality. If you’re looking for furniture with personality, warmth and one that will keep improving with age, you’ve found a friend for life in reclaimed wood.

Two cups of coffee on top of a reclaimed wooden surface


As we become more socially and environmentally conscious, sustainability is becoming a key driver when it comes to home furniture. Reclaimed wood will not only make your home beautiful, it will benefit the planet and help you stay the right shade of green as it’s, by default, recycled and repurposed. It also preserves natural resources by reducing the need for logging; less trees being cut down equals more time to grow. Go on, give it a hug.

A wooden bridge in a green forest


Even after wood has been cut down and turned into furniture, it continues to be a living, breathing matter that responds to its environment just like a tree in the forest. It expands and contracts with changes in humidity, and can also change colour over time as it’s exposed to air and sunlight.

Trees in a green forest