New Farnham – mango wood furniture with a difference

farnham mango wood furniture collection

With all our new collections of sustainable mango wood furniture, it is really hard to settle on a favourite! But, if you like a bit of bling in your living and dining space then this has to bethe one’.

farnham mango wood furniture collection

What is so wonderful about the Farnham mango wood furniture collection?

First and foremost this collection is crafted from solid mango wood – a sustainable wood that much like reclaimed wood furniture, is eco-friendly and kinder to the environment. What’s more, mango wood is actually a hardwood, like oak and mahogany, except it is fast-growing and readily available due to it being a byproduct of mango fruit farms.

Secondly, the Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood collection is absolutely gorgeous! If you are looking to create a luxurious look in your living and dining space by using on-trend rich and dark colours then this collection will bring in tonnes of glamour and brightness thanks to the brass detail that is both a stunning and unique feature of the collection.

For the dining space, you have a solid mango wood dining table – the tabletop of this has been left as solid natural mango wood that allows the beauty of the wood grain and natural undulations of the wood to shine through. It is finished in a dark honey colour making it look warm and inviting to diners. Rich blue velvet dining chairs look stunning alongside it with the blue complementing the sleek brass table legs effortlessly.

close up of mango wood dining table

Sensational storage solutions – hidden golden gems

Hidden storage comes in the form of the wide mango wood sideboard which proudly boasts a contemporary design that pops out of the cupboard doors (one double cupboard and one single). The geometric hexagonal design is etched with brass and set within the wood to give the range a decadent finish and enhance sleek gold coloured legs. Another hidden gem is the highboard cabinet, a wonderful piece with four cupboard doors and brass handles in the centre that set-off the unique brass detailing in the wood – the perfect drinks cabinet perhaps?

mango wood sideboard with blue table lamp

You can continue the Midas look into your living space as well. The mango wood coffee table top features the same eye-catching geometric wood and brass patterning and for additional storage, you have a handy solid wood shelf below it. And don’t forget to include the wood side table in your living room – stand a contemporary lamp on this at the end of your sofa or pull it out for guests to use when you need a little bit of extra space.

mango wood coffee table with brass inlays and bottom shelf

The mango wood TV unit does not disappoint either – with two open shelves there’s plenty of room for the TV box and consoles. There’s a cupboard for hidden storage, a perfect spot for all the controllers and other TV paraphernalia when not in use.

mango wood tv unit with two cupboards and shelf

And finally somewhere to put all those books and decorative items you like on display. For a contemporary look, the wooden bookshelf has some open shelves and some with a back all brought together on a stylish slim gold coloured frame… actually, you may not even want to put things on some of the shelves of the wooden display cabinet as they will obscure the beauty of the piece itself!

mango wood bookcase and high board cabinet with brass details

Find out more about Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood collection here or read about mango wood furniture and why it’s the sustainable choice for your home in our Mango Wood – how suitable is it for furniture blog.