Which is for you? Maximalist, Minimalist or Meditative

home sweet home plaque with dried lavender
Do you live for vibrant colours and bold, eye-catching patterns? Maybe you prefer a blank canvas with clean crisp lines and clear white surfaces? Or do soft neutral colours and touches of nature make you happy?
Whatever interior style tribe you belong to, reclaimed wood furniture will elevate your scheme. We look at each tribe and what reclaimed wood furniture fits…
white kitchen with reclaimed wood table and sideboard
Bold colours, rich fabrics and patterns are just begging for an aged reclaimed wood table or sideboard. The tapestry of life visible in the natural grains of wood will complement rich fabrics and bright colour schemes, by adding a focal point for the eye to rest on. You can also introduce a “bold and bright” element to an otherwise neutral room, by simply adding accent chairs around a reclaimed wood dining table. Consider a velvet dining chair to create a warm and sumptuous atmosphere.
selection of bold coloured powder dyes


Decluttered, clear surfaces, minimal colour and furniture are what the minimalist loves. This may risk looking lifeless and soulless but adding reclaimed wood furniture adds life to a minimalist home. Keep the wood light or white painted to blend in with the scheme and a natural wicker light fitting for additional texture and warmth in your room. Bedrooms are particularly suited to minimalism. Create a calming and tranquil space by adding reclaimed wood bedroom furniture to your blank canvas, just a few, well-chosen decorative items, will complete a personal and welcoming haven.
minimalist bedroom with large windows


Linked closely with biophilic design this is a mix of fresh, neutral colours that make the most of natural light and the colours of nature. Natural reclaimed wood really is the obvious choice to complete this theme through your living space. Consider reclaimed wood shelving as a way to display houseplants by adding height and plenty of space, to really embrace a meditative decor style. A reclaimed wood sideboard is not just a place to stand your houseplants on but it also provides handy storage space.
houseplant display in front of large window