5 steps to hygge happiness with living room storage

Industrial style dining room with reclaimed wood coffee table and TV unit with a zig zag rug and plants

Hygge book on blanket with scented candle and pegboard

The nights are drawing in and whilst we’ll miss the glorious sunshine and warmth, there is something enticing about returning home on a winter’s evening to a snug and cosy living room. Make your living room extra cosy and appealing with these tips.

1 Keep blankets close to hand

Blankets and throws are perfect for the cosy living room for many reasons. They can add a dash of colour and texture with pattern but they are also a practical addition. Drape it over you as you snuggle down for the evening’s film or soap opera marathon to keep the chill at bay.

Reclaimed wood storage coffee table

But there is the question of how to store them. Draped artfully over the sofa or armchairs is one option but can look messy. A reclaimed wooden blanket box is ideal. Keep your blankets in it until you need them but have a handy coffee table top for drinks and the like.

2 Add candles to your bookshelves

White luxurious scented candle made of cassis leaves & jasmine in glass jar

There is no better time to enjoy the gentle flickering candle flame than in the evening. Adding a gentle glow to the living room, candles on bookshelves add instant cosy appeal. Better still, opt for scented candles that allow a delicate fragrance to hand in the air.

3 Add diffusers for all day (and night) scent

Candles should never be left unaccompanied when lit but you’ll want a gentle fragrance to fill the room during the day. Diffusers are an ideal solution. Place these on your rustic coffee table or again, use the diffuser to adorn open shelving in the living room or on your sideboard. As you move about the room, its fragrance will be gently fanned around the space.

4 Opt for a coffee table with storage to hide the clutter

Whether it’s kids’ toys or a steadily growing pile of magazines and newspapers (or matches and other candle and fire lighting paraphernalia), hiding them from view is also a great way of creating a cosy living room landscape.

Sturdy wood coffee table with cabinets and drawers

By hiding things away in a coffee table with storage, you allow your senses to alight on the important things in the room such as the feeling of warmth from the fire, the appealing gentle fragrance of scented candles and the welcoming warmth of cushions and blankets.

Medium storage side table made of wicker and wood

There are other options for hidden storage too such as footstools with storage. A leather footstool adds texture and a hint of luxury to the living room and its perfect for resting your weary feet at the end of the day. Equally as appealing and practical is a rattan footstool and can be used as a low-level side table too.

5 Keep lighting low

Layers of light work best in any room but in the living room, soft lighting adds the glow of cosiness you want and need. Switch off the main pendant light and enjoy the soft glow (choose warm white bulbs) in lamps on the rustic coffee table and side tables.

Make sure you don’t have dark corners or shady spots in the living room, however as this will detract from just how cosy the space is.