Go vegan with fabulous faux leather dining chairs

Dark brown faux leather chairs around a reclaimed wooden dining table with decor

Person holding plants in their palms

November is World Vegan Month, a chance to raise awareness about not just eating vegan but opting for a vegan lifestyle. Some people still think of veganism as being extreme but it could hold the answer to the growing environmental crisis we are all facing. Incorporating vegan or cruelty-free aspects into interior design and décor is growing at a fast pace but what does this actually mean?

Sustainable, cruelty-free furniture and products in the modern dining room (and across the home)

The dining room is a wonderful space for family and friends to gather which is why you want it to be stylish. Reclaimed wood furniture, as well as other sustainable, natural materials, are ideal for the modern dining room. And with cruelty-free also on your mind, you’ll be pleased to know that no animal (or the environment) were harmed in the styling of your dining room.

Reclaimed wood dining table

With your dining room walls daubed with your favourite shade of eco-friendly paint, you can start to dress the room with the must-have furniture and items. Start with a reclaimed wood dining table.

White painted wooden dining table with decorative items placed on top

Made using reclaimed hardwood such as English oak beams, reclaimed wood tables come in a range of finishes and styles so no matter what final look you are opting for, there is a table that will fit with your rustic style, the industrial look as well as a contemporary finish or Scandinavian appeal.

Pair with faux leather dining chairs

Leather is a soft, supple material that is the by-product of the beef industry. Whether you are a meat-eater or not, we are all becoming more aware of how animals are treated. Unless leather is certified as cruelty-free, you are unlikely to ever really know where the leather came from.

Faux leather is the synthetic equivalent and boasts all the same properties as its natural counterpart. Faux leather dining chairs are the perfect accompaniment to a reclaimed wood dining table. With so many choices of faux leather dining chair, just how will you decide?

Fabric dining chairs can be cruelty-free too

When opting for natural materials, choose ones that are grown and farmed organically, and from a source that is both fair to workers and sustainable. Cotton can be organic and sustainable, as too can other materials, used in upholstered dining chairs. Cotton or linen fabric dining chairs are a great choice, with many being at the cutting edge of stylish, modern dining chairs.

Cream fabric dining chair on light wooden legs

Choose a style that embraces the sustainable, cruelty-free choices

Of course, opting for an interior design style that embraces and welcomes sustainable, cruelty-free materials and products will help in your final choices. The rustic style has long been embedded in using reclaimed and repurposed materials, as has the farmhouse style. The industrial edgy look was born from living in partly-converted buildings that embraced their industrial past. And the Scandinavian style is one passionate about the use of natural materials that bring the spirit of the natural world inside.