5 Ways to Create an Office Space in your Living Room

White desk with laptop and flowers in glass jar

Laptop and note pads on a white desk

Working from home is something more of us are doing, which benefits our work-life balance and wellbeing, not to mention the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But finding space to work is difficult, especially when you want somewhere with minimal distractions. The kitchen table is an obvious place, but with a bit of clever manoeuvring, you can de-camp to the comfort of the living room and create a productive working space with reclaimed wood furniture that fits the room whether you’re working or resting.

1 Desk next to the sofa

The sofa offers a number of opportunities to carve a stylish work zone. If space is limited, layering your furniture could be the answer. Add a narrow or console desk behind the sofa to create a work space and pop a rug under the desk to subtly separate it from the rest of the room. Additionally, instead of a side table next to your sofa, place a reclaimed wood desk at the end. To help the desk blend in, add a stylish table lamp that fits with the rest of the room.

Reclaimed wood desk with brown faux leather chair

2 Choose a desk that complements the style of the room

The temptation of working in the living room is that we flop onto the sofa with our laptop balancing on our knee. Whilst this is OK every now and then, for a work session where you need to get through plenty of work, a desk is a must. In the living room, you want a desk that fits with your style, such as an industrial desk for the industrial styled living room. The same is true for all the other office furniture you need including chair and storage cabinets.

White desk with blue wall art and grey sofa

3 Make the most of a nook & integrate the desk

An alcove or space next to the fireplace can make an ideal snug mini office. Consider a floating shelf for a desk that can convert into a display shelf at the weekends or pair a desk with a chair for an arrangement that will blend with the living room. Another trick is to style the area with art or framed photos on the wall above the desk – this not only makes it a delightful place to work, but will make a lovely addition to the living room.

Worcester White reclaimed wood desk next to fireplace

4 Use accessories to change the tone of the desk

When you work, you want an office table that offers you plenty of space. But when you are not working, you want your desk to look like a piece of living room furniture. You don’t want your work area to be constantly reminding you of just how much you have to do when you are enjoying down time. As well as opting for a style of desk that fits with your interior scheme, using trinkets and other accessories can also make a huge difference. Simply clear them away when you are working, but return them to the desktop when you’ve finished for the day. As you use the room in the evening or any other non-working time, you won’t be ‘looking at your work desk’.

White desk with table lamp, flowers and striped blanket

5 The office chair is important too

The other issue you’ll battle with when your desk is in the living room is the desk chair. Don’t forsake your comfort for a tiny chair so that you don’t have an eye-sore of a modern desk chair in the living room! The good news is that there are alternative to these dark plastic looking chairs. For example, if you have a modern style, opting for a white office chair is ideal and a handy extra seat when you have company. For the industrial look or for a contemporary feel, leather office chairs are a great choice.

Brown leather office chairs