Take Another Look at the Industrial Dining Table

Industrial dining table with matching wooden bench

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Table & Bench

The industrial style is a décor scheme that shows no sign of falling out of favour any time soon. But for many people, the belief that the industrial style is only about exposed brickwork and dark metal, which is not always true. When it comes to the industrial dining table, for example, they assume that there is a choice of one style and one only. But take another look as you’ll see that there are many choices to inspire the industrial dining room.

The classic industrial

Firstly, topping the list of our best-selling industrial dining tables is the classic industrial look.

This is the look that many people associate with the style – that is, the classic black steel leg frame with rustic reclaimed wood furniture top. It is a classic combination and one that epitomises the industrial style which is why the marriage of reclaimed wood and steel is still favoured by interior designers and style hunters looking for the archetypal industrial dining table.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Table and Lansdowne Industrial Rustic Dining Table

Maintain simplicity around it too, so that the underlying principles of this style can shine. Opt for leather upholstered dining chairs, another classic staple that sits easily alongside all manner of industrial furniture. Choose chairs that have a classic simplicity about them to produce the streamlined clean look associated with this style.

Rocco Industrial Oak Dining Table & Brown chairs

The glamorous industrial look

The original industrial look was born from loft living in old, industrial buildings that have a long heritage in the industrial world. And so it’s no surprise that the raw materials left behind from this bygone time were – and still are – embraced.

That doesn’t mean that the industrial look, and industrial furniture itself, can’t enjoy an injection of glamour every now and then.

The glammed up industrial look has become popular in recent seasons with homeowners looking to add their own spin on this beautiful style. And so switching up the metal finish from black steel to polished chrome or gold-coloured metal is the perfect solution.

Tavistock Industrial Dining Table with bronze legs

The combination of high shine metal finishes with a rustic reclaimed wood tabletop is sublime and gives a more polished and grown-up spin to the industrial look.

Blackbone Industrial Dining Table and Green upholstered chairs

Match upholstered dining chairs with the same high shine finish as its industrial dining table counterpart or fabric chairs with studded detailing for a glam-rock vibe and you have a dining table and chairs combination good enough for the dance floor.

Industrial spider leg detailing

And finally, another notable change that is popular with our customers is extra detailing in the shape of spider leg industrial dining tables.

Sometimes it is the updating of the smallest of details that has the biggest impact. When you want something different but don’t want to leave the principles of the design scheme behind, then the spider leg table will be top of the list.

Spider leg industrial table with bamboo hanging pendants

It is super practical too – you have more leg space beneath the small dining table, for example, as well as it adding extra notes of interest without cluttering the space or the eyeline.

Take a fresh look at industrial dining tables to relish the choice

From a round dining table to an imposing industrial dining table that commands attention, the choice of this style of table is much bigger than you may think. Time to take a fresh look, perhaps…?