Why an Industrial Home Office Never Goes Out Of Style

Wooden desk with cup of black copy and notebook

Industrial style home office with brown chair

The home office should be a comfortable, productive place to work. Style is, therefore, important. There are many schemes you can choose for your home office furniture, but the industrial style never loses its cool. Functional, practical and hardworking, it is a timeless choice that will last for years to come. Here’s how to give your home office an industrial-chic vibe.

  • Start with a neutral colour palette

The industrial style has a wonderful neutral backdrop to not detract from the typical industrial features that set this style apart from others. If you don’t have brick or steel work to leave exposed, opt for warmer but barely-there shades of very light cream or off-white. You could also stick with crisp white as this also helps the light in the room.Home office with black steel bookcase and bicycle

  • Choose reclaimed wood furniture

The industrial style is a sublime combination of reclaimed wood with cool steel and exposed brick. And so opting for reclaimed wood home office furniture, such as a reclaimed wood desk is a must. However, this doesn’t always mean a rustic or unrefined finish. It means opting for furniture styled to give it the ‘industrial’ edge that you are looking for. For a beautiful reclaimed wood table to leather office chairs, to storage solutions and display units, there are many options.

Industrial wood desk with metal detailing and brown faux leather chair

  • Get heavy with the metal

Metal is an important element in any scheme but whilst we are used to it being shiny and reflective, in true industrial furniture style you want matt or black metalwork. From the steel legs for a reclaimed wood industrial desk to an all-metal office table or storage item, the use of metal is a must.

Two industrial style desks, including black metal desk

  • Choose office storage that works for you

It is easy to be lulled into thinking that the storage solutions seen in the glossy pages of magazines and websites will be perfect for your home industrial office. Think through what storage solutions will work for you and then set about finding what suits your working needs best. From wooden storage cabinets to open shelving with baskets and wooden boxes, there are many solutions. But they only work if they work for you.

Three styles of industrial office storage, including metal bookcases

  • Play with materials

Brick is the obvious choice for channelling an industrial feel, but if you don’t have a red brick wall to expose, you can opt to showcase other industrial materials. Concrete is not just for car parks. And it doesn’t have to be grey and unfinished. Concrete, providing it is the right mix, can be buffed and smoothed to give it an industrial edge. Or why not cheat with concrete effect wallpaper? Add some wood touches and elegant lighting to warm the space.

  • Opt for pendant lighting

Black double pendant lighting with white exposed brick wall

Lighting is key in any space but has extra importance in your working environment. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for harsh lighting or modern fittings. Choose a minimal pendant light fitting – the large metal bowl shade is ideal – and have them clustered or hanging individually in key areas of your home office, such as over your white desk chair or storage cabinets.

Stylish and functional, you won’t regret choosing the industrial style for your home office.