How to tidy up your dining space

industrial kitchen with glass cabinet and sideboard

The dining space is an important part of every home, whether you dine in the kitchen, have your table in the living room or have a separate room, it’s a place where the whole family comes together to chat about their day and enjoy a hearty meal. It’s also a place where we are most likely to entertain guests which makes this space the heart of every home.

For these reasons, storage is vitally important. Here we have a look at different reclaimed wood cabinets that will provide storage solutions whether you like clear and clutter-free, if you like a few select items on display or if you prefer the homely feel of having your prized possessions in full view.

pale oak sideboard and dining table

Is a sideboard for you?

A low-level sideboard is the most popular choice, there will be a style and size on the market to suit your needs perfectly. We love a reclaimed wood sideboard with doors and drawers to keep table linen, cutlery and serving dishes in.

A great place to start is to work out what you need to store in it and how much room you have to place one, of course allowing plenty of room to walk past it and to pull your dining chairs out. You can dress the top of a solid wood sideboard with candles, houseplants and ornaments, add a picture above it, or a mirror if you want to brighten the space. This will also provide an extra surface to place serving dishes and save your dining table becoming cluttered up when you have a houseful.

open oak dresser with plants and ornaments

Would you prefer a display cabinet?

This is another popular choice for a dining space, in this, you can display your finest wine glasses, decanters and other dining room essentials, whilst keeping them all dust-free and ready to use. The Standford reclaimed wood display cabinet is a firm favourite of ours. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood with nail marks still visible and the natural beauty of the wood left to shine through the finish, it looks amazing in a traditional as well as a modern room.

reclaimed wood glass display cabinet

Is a drinks cabinet the most useful option?

Drinks cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. A must-have for any amateur bartenders. Fill it with your favourite tipples, cocktail glasses, a shaker and a mixing spoon and you have everything to hand to entertain your guests without trips back and forth to the kitchen. An oak drinks cabinet will last you a lifetime making it a great investment if you enjoy stylish entertainment.

solid oak drinks cabinet