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Mirror Mirror On The Floor - 5 Ways To Use An Oversized Mirror

Mirror Mirror On The Floor - 5 Ways To Use An Oversized Mirror

Large wooden floor standing mirror with stool and side table

In every room, you want a statement accessory, one that draws the eye and adds the wow factor. From artwork to statement furniture pieces, there are many options, with the oversized floor length mirror being one of them. But simply adding it to a room is not enough. You need to give it the focal point it deserves.

Not just for the bedroom or the dressing room

The traditional spot for the full length floor mirror is in the bedroom or the dressing, and at a push, the bathroom. Clearly, it has a practical purpose from allowing you to do a final check of your appearance before leaving the room or house to bouncing light around a room, but the good news is, the floor mirror is not just for the bedroom…

In the living room

Two large hexagonal mirrors on living room wall

Double up in the living room by adding two floor standing mirrors together on one wall. There is something very dramatic about a large floor mirror but when you add two, you are ramping up the dramatic impact, not to mention doubling up the amount of light bouncing around the room, For extra drama, choose dark wood framed mirrors or in a unique shape.

HINT – when doubling up, always choose mirrors with a chunky frame. Floor standing mirrors with thin frames have their place but won’t have the same impact.

In the dining room

Mirrors in the dining room should never to be underestimated and when it comes to the floor standing mirror, you can emulate the living room by doubling up or, if wall space doesn’t allow, opt for one large mirror with a frame that blends into the wall.

Oversized mirror on the wall with dining room table and chairs

This style of floor length mirror still has all the impact you need but ‘blends’ into the background more. This gives the room a cosy feel, ideal for when you are entertaining.

Go extra large!

An oversized mirror is just that – one that is far bigger than a wall hung mirror or a handheld one – but if you want to really make a statement, opt for a super-sized mirror that covers most of the wall. It's a statement, for sure, but one you won't regret.

Oversized floor mirrors

In the bedroom

We’d go as far as to say that a large floor mirror in the bedroom is an absolute must. But just because it is essential doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish; just don’t overdo it. You want it to be a restful space and so adding too much drama to your bedroom furniture is counter-intuitive. Opt for a floor standing mirror that has a stylish but not over-the-top frame.

Extra large floor mirrors for the  bedroom

A large rustic mirror, for example, would be a great addition. The warmth of the wood brings comfort to a space that you want to be cosy. Also, consider where you place it. A corner near the door is a handy spot for a full length mirror without taking up too much room.

Can you go wrong?

Not really. A mirror is welcome in any room, but don’t be constrained by ‘traditions’ when it comes to frame style, colour and size. A floor standing mirror in any room is an easy design statement to make, so go on - make an impression.

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