6 Seater vs 8 Seater Industrial Dining Tables – What will you choose?

Friends standing around a dining table with food and drinks

Friends standing around a dining table with food and drinks

If you’re hosting parties and dinners this Christmas, you’ll need the best of our 6 and 8 seater industrial dining tables. Celebrate Christmas in style and comfort with these handpicked tables from across our range – from the 150 cm table to the 2.4m table – there’s sure to be enough space for everyone.

Mitcham industrial oak spider leg dining table

Industrial oak dining table with black steel spider legs and industrial dining chairs

Most 6 seater dining table options offer 150 cm of space and 8 seater dining table have a length of 2m. The Mitcham industrial dining table with its beautiful spider legs comes in two generous sizes – 2m and 2.4 metres – more than enough for hosting 6 people or more with comfort and style. If nothing else, this table is the perfect fusion of industrial and a hint of rustic.

Maddox reclaimed elm dining table

Luxurious reclaimed elm dining table with taupe velvet dining chairs

The interlocked grain of elm makes this hardwood less prone to splitting and so an elm dining table is a sure investment. Industrial meets glamour with the Maddox industrial dining table, another table with beautiful proportions. For your diner’s comfort, chairs with a seat width of between 47 and 57cm are recommended. But for optimal comfort at a six or eight-seater dining table, we suggest dining chairs with a width of 55cm.

Amalfi industrial H bar rustic oak dining table

Industrial style oak dining table on steel legs with industrial dining chairs

As well as the beautiful contoured, textured edge of this table, the H bar legs make this a versatile dining table for your home. Easily accommodating eight people, the Amalfi industrial dining table has stylish aplomb all of its own and with no knees banging on the table legs, you know you have made the right choice. As well as dining chairs, you may want to consider a dining bench for this delightfully proportioned dining table with a clear nod to the industrial style.

Sussex oak parquet industrial oval dining table

Oval oak dining table on steel legs with greenery and tableware on top

We often associate a large dining table with a rectangle shape and no wonder. The two short sides are ideal for accommodating impromptu guests at a Christmas party (or any other time of the year). However, that doesn’t mean oval dining tables should be dismissed. The Sussex industrial oval dining table is one of the most elegant examples of a reclaimed wood dining table you will come across. The beautiful inlaid parquet table top will wow your guests almost as much as your menu. As well as leather dining chairs, consider how well velvet dining chairs would look at the beautiful curved edge of this table. There is a saying we feast with our eyes first and so a beautiful stylish table with equally delightful place settings completed by comfortable velvet upholstered dining chairs will certainly raise the bar of dinner parties.

Hoxton industrial cross leg oak dining table

Industrial oak dining table on cross steel legs with dining chairs

Our Hoxton industrial dining table comes in four length options, making it the perfect choice for the busy family home. The smaller 6-seater dining table offers comfortable dining as there is a generous overhang at each short edge that could support an impromptu guest or two. The largest table measures a delightful 2.8 metres, meaning that it can easily accommodate up to 10 diners or more. If ever there was a table that was crying out for an upholstered dining bench along one long edge, it is this industrial style dining table.