Give your Rustic dining table a Nordic style Christmas

A Christmas gift wrapped in white paper with string

A Nordic style Christmas is about embracing the simple elegance of the Scandinavian furniture style whilst adding warmth and texture to the space. Relaxing and calm, the Nordic style is unhurried and well-thought-out; a perfect antidote to the chaos that Christmas can bring. It provides comfort to any room and when it’s cold and dark outside, it is the ideal style solution for a cosy and relaxing Christmas.

Bring nature inside

A pinecone in a glass jar with fairy lights

The Scandi style embraces nature and so bringing strong hints of the outside in is an excellent starting point. Where you would normally have fresh flowers on a wood dining table in the summer, replace with a glass bowl, filled with pinecones and gently flickering lights.

Choose earthy scents when it comes to scented candles in your dining space. Comforting and nostalgic, they create the right mood, complementing the reclaimed wood furniture in any room.

A Christmas wreath hanging on a dark blue front door

Wreaths are also a great way of bringing in the winter wonderland to any room. From pinecones to holly, ivy and red berries, your local woods will offer up plenty of materials for easy wreath making. Hanging a wreath horizontally above the dining table makes for a great talking point, perfect for continuing the Nordic style through your home.

Mix the new with the rustic

The Nordic style has a rustic side to it, but not so much that it takes over from the refined edge that it brings to a room. Mixing the new with the rustic is perfect for creating a comforting Nordic style to a room.

Opt for sublime throws and cushions against the backdrop of a leather sofa and armchairs in the living room, for example, and scatter cushions along the dining bench with a Christmas table runner across your rustic dining table.

Natural materials and neutral colours

Scandi style Christmas tablescape with neutral colours and greenery

The beauty of the Nordic style is how it takes lighter colours and blends them with natural materials to create a cosy backdrop to a room.

Alongside your reclaimed wood dining table, for example, incorporate light colours such as white, cream, or even a light sage green.

Layers of light

Lighting is important in any style to create a welcoming ambience to a dining space. Opting for a warm glow will help, but for the full effect, you need to consider light in layers.

As well as a beautiful hanging pendant light – opt for natural materials for the shade such as rattan – you also need to make sure there is a soft glow in dark corners. Add ambient lighting to the dinner table or mantelpiece in a dining room, for example, with twinkling string lights; a perennial Christmas favourite in any design.

Adding the gentle flicker of candles is also ideal for any room, from the centrepiece of the wood dining table to the hallway console table.

Coordinate colours

A reclaimed wood table with a pair of red scissors, red berries and Christmas tags

There is nothing to say you can’t have bright colours with the Nordic style, but they do need to be streamlined, cohesive and symmetrical. Against a neutral backdrop, add dashes of red, dark blue and green or maintain a neutral palette to hit all the right notes.

But it is texture that brings this style to life which is why Scandinavian furniture with its soft curves is so very popular. Use faux furs and large wool knits for cushions and throws. Stack up logs by the fire for a snug Christmas dinner and settle in and enjoy the festivities in this beautiful stylish scheme.