9 Tips for choosing the perfect dining room rug

Louis de Poortere Red and Blue Rug in Room

Having trouble deciding on the perfect rug for your dining room? You have no need to worry because we have all the tips and hints you need to get it right.

1 Too big is better than too small

If you have a fantastic reclaimed wood dining table, extendable or otherwise, you want the dining rug to be the perfect platform on which it stands. Too small or not-quite-big-enough will be immediately obvious for all the wrong reasons. So measure, measure again and opt for a rug that is slightly too big – important if you have an extendable dining table.

2 Opt for a flat weave rug or short pile

Louis de Poortere Antiquarian Classic Brick Rug

A rug in the dining room will need to work quite hard. It needs to be easy to clean, repelling food spills without too much bother. A flat weave rug or short pile rug is a more capable and practical rug for the dining room than a deep pile one.

3 Rug first, wall colour second

Louis de Poortere Agadir Scarab Blue

Trying to match a rug to your wall colour will be a long nightmare that you never really solve but do it the other way around and you’ll find it less stressful. So if you want a coloured or patterned rug, use that as your starting point for the rest of the décor.

4 Be bold with pattern

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Tribeca Blue Interior Rug

A dining rug will, no doubt, sit beneath your dining table and no matter what your style – industrial chic or cosy farmhouse, for example – a bold dining rug will make all the difference to the space. You can afford to take a little liberty when it comes to pattern so from faded flowers to geometric gorgeousness, why not be a little more daring in your choice.

5 Easy to clean

Short pile or flat weave rugs are the way forward for the dining room but if you have concerns that your investment rug will take a bashing, you will need to consider how easy it is to clean. From washable rugs to cleaning with a wet/dry vacuum, there are many dining room rugs that can withstand heavy use.

6 Feel before you buy

We think that every piece you buy you should try beforehand which is why we stock our range at our studio – and rugs are no different. Come and see us (check our website for store opening hours) and admire our huge collection of rugs, all of which, in our opinion, would make a fabulous addition to any dining room.

7 Match the room shape

If your dining room is more square than rectangular, choose a squarer rug. This way you get a sense of symmetry throughout the room.

8 You can match the shape of your dining table to the rug shape too

For even more symmetry, choose a round rug for a round dining table and for the extendable dining table with dining bench opt for a rectangle rug.

9 Don’t go too light

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Pear Cream

Give yourself a break by opting for a shade slightly darker if you feel the rug will take a more than heavier bashing. We have many faded coloured rugs that add a hint of hue without being overly dark.

Use the tips above and you’re sure to find modern rugs or traditional rugs to suit your space perfectly.