Add a touch of glamour to the farmhouse dining room

Mitcham Industrial Oak Squared Large Sideboard

We grant you, glamour and farmhouse are not two obvious style fusions you would normally expect to see. But we think that any interior style is ripe for glimmers of glamour if done in the right way. So how do you add a hint of glam to the farmhouse style with reclaimed wood furniture? Let’s start with the dining room…

What’s your definition of glamour?

Glamour means different things to different people and so we’ve tried to cover the whole glamour spectrum. If you think we’ve missed anything out, drop us an email.

All that shines…

… is worthy of the glamour tag in our eyes but too much and in the wrong place can soon tumble into tacky. So keep it chic with these great ideas;

  • Shiny accessories – such as lithe, slim shiny candle holders or lanterns are an ideal addition to the farmhouse dining table.
  • In moderation – if everything has a shiny surface, not only will you be plagued with fingerprints, it will look too much. For the farmhouse dining room, the name of the game is understated and almost-under-used shiny stuff.

Mix it up

One of the things that attracts us to the farmhouse style is just how versatile it is. It is a style ready for pairing with other styles but also readily accepting of ‘something different’.

Get this right and this ‘something different’ could be the seam of glamour you want to inject. For example, alongside, the farmhouse dining table why not for decadent velvet dining chairs? A pairing you may not be expecting.

Texture does it

Texture is also part of adding luxury and glamour to a room. And so similar to the velvet dining chairs in the previous idea, adding textures you wouldn’t expect is a great way of giving the farmhouse dining room a little extra zip.

Edwina Fabric Dining Bench velvet

From upholstered dining chairs to a velvet high backed dining bench, the difference adding various textures makes is delightful.

Add a rug

The farmhouse style is all about practicality hence most of us opt for a wooden floor. A great idea but if you want to add extra depth – and glamour too, by default – then opt for a dining room rug.

Louis de Poortere Ardennes

Steer away from a too deep pile, however, as this will not withstand the rigours of a busy dining room. A flat weave rug is a perfect alternative and with so many colours and patterns, you are spoilt for choice.

Lights, lights, lights

Easy and simple, you can’t go wrong when you add abundant lighting to any room but it is certainly well-received in the farmhouse dining room.

From a beautiful ornate chandelier to a modern hanging pendant light, be as bold as you dare in your choice.

Mix it up with modern chic

Want something really different? Add a flair of genius with a modern piece that completely contrasts with the farmhouse style but retains symmetry and coherence by using similar wood finish and colour.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Squared Large Sideboard

And so yes, that industrial sideboard will pair perfectly with the dining table and leather dining chairs…