A beautiful console table isn’t just for the hallway

Blackbone Oak Console Table

The console table is a piece of furniture that can ‘fit’ any room or space. Its slender dimensions make it the perfect piece for any room, large or small. But it isn’t just for the hallway…

1 Hallway

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Console Table

… although when it comes to a stylish piece of furniture in the entryway of your home, there is no better choice. Make a stylish splash with this dazzling hallway console table because no one said that it has to be an understated piece of reclaimed wood furniture in the hallway. The industrial edge of stainless steel and reclaimed wood meets glam with the high polished finished of the legs offsetting the beautifully rustic table top. Frame it with a suitably rustic industrial mirror or use a larger, oversized wall clock to bring harmony and symmetry to the hallway.

2 Dressing table

Standford Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Whether you are short on space in the bedroom or not, a slim console table brings more than a stylish note of two to the bedchamber. Effortlessly simple, the appeal of a console table with drawers is obvious. Keep smaller items in order in the two drawers, bringing symmetry and detailing with items on the console top. How about a beautiful lamp alongside a beautifully framed mirror, chosen to be in keeping with the beautifully rustic console table, with a hint of the industrial style with its black, metal legs.

3 TV stand

Mitcham Industrial Oak Console Table

If ever a narrow console table comes into its own, it is in the living room as a TV stand. You may not want to attach this piece of tech to the wall and make it a centre point of the room, preferring instead a more subtle approach with a stylish TV stand. TVs have, in recent years, undergone a huge design change with the large ‘telly box’ with an equally large, cumbersome TV unit no longer needed in the living room. A lightweight, slimline TV nestling on a narrow console table is the perfect solution, more so if you want your living room to revolve around life and not the TV.

4 Home bar

Many of us these days are enjoying dinner parties and get-togethers, rather than visiting bars and restaurants, as well as hosting a soiree or two ourselves. Serving drinks can be problematic, especially if you have limited space. You could always use a drinks cabinet or sideboard but being larger pieces of furniture, moving them to a new spot can be problematic.

A console table, on the other, is the perfect solution. Relatively lightweight and easy to move, the console table makes for a very glam home bar. And frankly, if you ever needed an excuse to really glam it up with your choice of a console table, then this is the excuse you need.

Blackbone Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Say hello to the beautiful combination of black wood and gold-effect framed console table with shelves, ideal as a home bar addition. Perfect for the party season, this is also a console table that continues to remain in big demand throughout the year.

Where do you use your console table?