A Modern Easter Dining Table

White hyacinth and card with handwritten Happy Easter

White dinner plate on wooden table with happy easter egg

Christmas is a distant memory, but for many of us, it will have been the last time we had a proper celebration. Rectify this by planning an Easter feast and other delights over the long weekend! But this means you’ll need to create a stunning centrepiece – and menu! – to serve around your rustic dining table. We’ve got some great ideas!

1 Embrace the rustic woodland look

Nature so often has the answers and this is true any time of the year, but certainly at Easter. Spring is the season where everything comes back to life after winter and so use this as part of your Easter dining table decoration.

Collect the fallen twigs and when you lightly prune the branches of your trees and shrubs, keep some of them to make a beautiful and rustic display for your rustic dining table. Add small egg-shaped Easter decorations along with synthetic moss to give it an extra colour and texture.

Coloured eggs with feathers in a bird's nest on a table

2 Add white accents

We are used to Easter being about pastel shades as well as brighter hues, but if you feel you want a more neutral and minimal style to the table, using white accents will do just that.

From white serving wear to white accessories, such as a white tablecloth, you really can create a truly simplistic and classy looking dining table.

Grey napkin decorated with small white eggs

3 Invest in an extendable dining table

Family gatherings are fantastic, but not if someone is perched at the dining table on a wonky stool or your guests don’t have elbow room to enjoy the delicious meal you are serving.

So why let this carry on? Invest in a new table, adding your own Easter touches before your guests arrive. Extendable tables work well in any home – you’ll have the smaller size table for everyday, but extra space for occasions such as an Easter feast – as do round dining tables for being inclusive when you have a larger party to entertain.

Round extendable table and industrial table with extendable leaf

As for seating, the best and most versatile dining seating must surely be the dining bench. Opt for a simple wooden dining bench that can double as a handy seat in the hallway or a plush upholstered dining bench, perfect for the industrial dining table.

If the dining bench isn’t doing it for you, then there is no denying just how comfortable fabric dining chairs are. Your guests will linger for hours… exactly what you want!

4 Use spring flowers

Spring is the time that the garden comes alive, but even if yours doesn’t have an abundance of flowers yet, you’ll find a larger selection of blooms at your local florist.

And there is nothing more welcoming to the eye, especially at Easter, than beautiful flowers as a centrepiece for the dining table. Or if you want to be bang on trend, create a display using dried flower options. Dried grasses and wild flowers have made a comeback with interior trendsetters swapping fresh bunches for dried bouquets.

But don’t just limit them to the dining room. Cluster flowers in vases on side tables next to your armchairs or sofa. They also make a wonderful addition to the console table in the hallway too.

Bunch of pink and purple fresh and dried flowers