Add a Stunning Woven Texture in Your Home With Rattan Furniture

Rattan dining chairs with reclaimed wood dining table in dining room

For anyone keen on styling their home, an understanding of the seven principles of interior design is essential. Space, line, form, light, colour, pattern and texture emphasise the focal point in a space. That means adding a key element that draws attention to itself.

Chilgrove PE Rattan Garden Sofa for outdoors

Texture is an easy way of adding emphasis to a room or space, both in the home and in outside areas too.

Rattan Texture

Rattan is a fast-growing plant that is sustainable and once dried and woven, produces furniture and other items that is not only of exceptional quality but superior strength too. It can have a smaller, more delicate weave or pattern or, as in some cases we illustrate below, it can be larger, chunkier and more robust in its finish.

Rattan Furniture For Outdoors

Because of its strength and ability to withstand all kinds of weather, rattan garden furniture is an increasingly popular choice in garden furniture across the country.

Trends for the outdoor space for the coming summer season is for a laid-back approach to rattan garden furniture – opt for loungers or hammocks, bringing a relaxed approached to seating in the garden.

Marden PE Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set

The rattan sofa, both stylish yet neutral, will work well on the patio or in the conservatory, with the weave of the rattan inviting people to take a seat and relax a while too.

For a higher chair that is both relaxed seating and perfect as an al fresco dining chair, there is a range of rattan garden chairs that fit the bill. As well as texture, rattan pieces tend to bring earthy yet neutral tones to a space, perfect for any garden space. We like to think of rattan furniture as deceptively simple.

Chilgrove PE Rattan Garden Chair with Cushion for Outdoors

Perfect For The Conservatory

Rattan is a material commonly associated with the conservatory. Deceptively lightweight but brilliantly robust, rattan doesn’t warp or weaken with heat hence, a firm favourite for the conservatory or the orangery.

rattan garden chairs

Dining in Style

Rattan isn’t just for the patio or the conservatory. As a material, it is a stunning addition around the dining table.

No matter what your style – contemporary, rustic, industrial or farmhouse country chic – the wood dining table, complete with large weave rattan high-backed dining chairs and soft, cream coloured cushions is simply perfection. Where else will you find a dining table with such character?

Rattan in the Bedroom

Want something different but still within budget? Want a bed frame that makes a statement, packs a punch but without being overly quirky or so eclectic that it is a bespoke piece that is too individual to be part of any design scheme other than its own?

A rattan bed frame is the ideal solution – different without being ‘odd’, it has a warmth to its appearance, as well as being stylish and the centre of attention.

In our minds, there is no doubt that rattan is one of the best materials for use in and outside of the home, offering an elegance, stylish woven texture that is perfect, no matter the design or trend.