All you need to know when decorating a small living room

cotswold reclaimed wood coffee table with two drawers

Decorating a small living room can sometimes be tricky, so to help you when decorating, we’ve put together some tips to make the most of your space.

The most important thing in a small living room is to try and make it as bright as you can to create the illusion of more space. This starts with your walls and flooring. In a contemporary space, white looks great, but if you are looking for something a little more unique, a soft grey, blue or green will work beautifully with most reclaimed wooden furniture. When it comes to flooring, light wood will create a Scandinavian style in your living room, perfect for pairing with any decor.

There are also other things you can do to create a bright and open space. Contemporary mirrors are great for making your room seem bigger, reflecting the light around your space. Opt for a simple frame and design for the best effect or even one without a frame. However, besides your mirror, try and keep decor and accessories to a minimum to create a clean and open look.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror for small living room

Lighting is also important, especially if you have small windows which don’t bring much light into the room. A statement light in the centre of your room will bounce light off the walls and also works to bring all your decor together. A ceiling lamp or three is great for making your room feel taller, and won’t take up the floor space as a floor lamp will.

Gold Teardrop Babloo Pendant Light for living room

When it comes to choosing furniture, make sure you think about how it will fit in the space – measuring is key! With style, open styles in light or mid-toned wood are a great choice for any room especially for larger pieces. A wood coffee table looks wonderful in any living room, but sitting at the centre of your living room, a design with a light frame or more open design will work better in a small living room. If you don’t have much space, you could even push your coffee table to one side of the room.

cotswold reclaimed wood coffee table with storage for small living room

A bookcase is a great addition to any living room, and a small living room is no exception. Industrial style shelving is perfect for achieving that minimalist look which works so well in smaller spaces and is a great place for displaying a few of your most loved pictures and possessions for a personal touch.

Stanford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf

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Finish your space off with a little luxurious rug. If you have wooden floors, a rug is great for bringing some warmth into your space. Again, neutrals and light colours are perfect for any space and are also versatile if you want to update the decor of your room in the future or even move it to another room!

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - White Pepper in living room with sofa

For more inspiration for decorating a small living room, browse through the living room seating and storage collection.