Add shameless luxury to your office with aluminium

Airplane Aluminium Engine

Aviator Coffee Table

First impressions: a 7-second window of opportunity to send the right message to potential clients, employees, stakeholders and so on. Who would have thought that such a small gap of time could have such a lasting impression?

And last it does. It can take months, even years, to claw your way back from a negative impression. Thus, it pays to spend time, effort and money on getting the right look – and impression – about your office.

Corporate Offices

Take no more than a quick glance at corporate offices online and you will notice similarities: clean, today, efficient. You may also think clinical but, there is no denying that they meet expectations. Does your office do that?

Impressions are essential for meeting or exceeding expectations. When your clients visit your office, what do they expect to see? What do they expect to feel?

Are you meeting these standards or falling short? Is it time for a change? Is it time to ramp up the luxury and the impact of when people visit your workspace? If it is, we have the range of office furniture with the wow factor.

Aviator Office Furniture Collection

Practical and functional, the Aviator range is beautiful, different and elegant. Better still, it ‘fits’ the modern office look or the traditional appeal of a workspace. You can add one or two key items or deck out the whole office in the glinting Aviator range. The choice is yours…

The desk

In an office, possibly the most important piece is the desk. You need desktop space for your PC or laptop, for your written work and so on, but an expanse of desk also indicates a certain sense of grandeur.

Aviator Wing DeskYou want your desk to have character and a presence. The Aviator wing desk is simply phenomenal.

The Chairs

As well as your own desk chair, you need chairs for your clients and they too, with the Aviator range can make an impact.

Aviator Keeler Wing Chair

The Aviator wing chair is no ordinary, casual leather office chair. It too has an impact that people will find hard to resist. For more ‘informal’ seating – many offices now incorporate this kind of informal space – the Aviator leather armchair is ideal.

Remaining space

From the Aviator large sideboard for storage, matching coffee table and console table, to industrial shelving, the Aviator range has everything you need.

Aviator Sideboard

But if all that shiny aluminium finish is too much, you can dial back the impact to a dull roar with accessories, such as a blue rug or large modern pendant lights.

The End Result

Designing and dressing an office is not for the faint-hearted. There is a mix of ergonomic design and style that must seamlessly blend to give a smooth overall finish. And then there are those customer expectations to think about…

Designing your office space is not about your customer ‘liking’ it – it may not be to their personal taste – but that is not the root of a first impression. Impressions are expectations, and whether the décor sadly misses the mark or sends the right signals of professionalism and expertise.

So, what does your office say about your business?