Are dining tables with drawers in or out of fashion?

Farmhouse English Beam Dining Table

Provence Painted Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table and Bench

For those of us with long memories, the dining table complete with almost-hidden drawers were a common sight in the kitchen dining table.

The ‘everyday’ dining table had the ‘everyday’ cutlery stored in the drawer and other odd bits and bobs. But in the dining room table, the drawer was home to the best cutlery. It was almost hallowed ground, a place that only those with permission could go…

Our use of the dining table and the dining room made be different today and far less formal than in years gone by but the dining table complete with drawers is very much back in fashion. Some of us would argue the farmhouse table with drawers never went out of fashion.

The Appeal of the Farmhouse Style

If you think farmhouse furniture means overly chunky, then you take a look at what this painted farmhouse-style reclaimed wood table would give you.

As well as a farmhouse dining table with finesse and style, it is also perfectly practical too:

  • Extendable – for when guests arrive, you can simply add an extra length to the farmhouse dining table with an extendable ‘flap’, meaning you can enjoy a meal without clashing elbows with your neighbour.
  • Versatile – this farmhouse kitchen table would work well in any situation, with the chairs and/or bench enhancing its beauty. Team with upholstered dining chairs or mix n’ match with a wooden bench or two.
  • The drawer – choose from a one or two drawer style and keep your every day or best cutlery close to hand. Also, a great place to keep placemats, napkins and other must-have items at meal times.
  • Unique – reclaimed wood furniture is fantastic, no two ways about it. This reclaimed wood rustic dining table is beautiful, smooth and with a warmth all of its own, each item is unique because every pattern and grain is unique…

Function and Finesses

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

People love the farmhouse look for its solid features, curves and the appeal it has to be able to withstand the rigours that family life throws at it.

But you may want a refined look for the ‘best’ dining room. For those of us that enjoy entertaining, we know how important the surroundings of the dining room are. The setting of the table, the flicker of the candles in the table centre, the feel of the smooth linen napkin all help the taste buds to enjoy the food on offer.

The Barclays reclaimed wood dining table packs a punch in terms of style. And like its Earlier mentioned counterpart, has everything that you need;

  • Drawer space – cleverly disguised as four small drawers, the end of the table actually has one large drawer, ideal for storing place mats, napkins, cutlery and more.
  • Stylishly unique – again, there is something beautiful about each piece and that is because each piece is unique. Reclaimed wood tells a story, and far from compromising the table, every undulation and blemish adds to its beauty.
  • Dine in elegance – shine the spotlight on its elegance further with customisable leather and fabric dining chairs.

Too Many Choices?

White Wash Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Upholstered Dining Chairs

There are, of course, dining room sets that take the uncertainty of pairing chairs and benches with a dining table to get the right look for you home, making it even easier to have the dining room style you want.

Does a dining table with drawers appeal to you?