Pamper yourself and your pet on Dog Day

Dog in bed on Dog Day

Dog in Bed

Dog Day is on 26th August and is a day to celebrate all breeds of dogs. It honours family dogs plus those which work to save lives, bring comfort and keep individuals safe.

There are so many reasons why a canine companion is the perfect addition to your home. First and foremost, a dog will provide unconditional love to you and your family and also gives you a reason to get exercising.

But there are other not so obvious benefits to having a dog too. Firstly, according to experts, by bringing a dog and its germs into the home, it gives your body a chance to build up antibodies thereby boosting your immune system. Not only this, a dog is a great way of meeting new people – namely, other dog owners in the park! If your neighbours have dogs too, you could even walk them together.

If you have a dog, Dog Day provides the perfect excuse to pamper your dog. Think about how you can make your dog bed that little bit more luxurious. One way to do so is to move the bed into a more social space – if they love a treat or two, move the bed into the kitchen. Alternatively, placing the dog bed in the living room will allow them to be a part of family life.

Vintage Suitcase for Dog DayIf you love vintage items and you want to create a unique bed for your dog, you could re-use a vintage suitcase. This creates a stylish dog bed which will look fantastic with your home decor, and can also be neatly packed up when you want to go away, with all their favourite toys inside too!

Luxury Sexto White Sheepskin Rug

And what about if your dog enjoys the finer things in life? Create a glamping-inspired bed for your dog with a sheepskin rug which will keep them warm and comfortable. A sheepskin rug can even be used as a kitchen rug. Why not place under a farmhouse kitchen table for a glamorous twist and a spot your canine will love sleeping in whilst you eat.

If you don’t have a dog, it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Instead of pampering your dog, pamper your home with some canine-inspired decor. Cushions with dogs on them are hugely popular at the moment, and can look incredibly stylish on a simple armchair and footstool or even on wooden chairs in the kitchen. There are plenty of other unique options too. Look out for quirky dog-shaped lamp bases to add plenty of personality to your space or even a statement wall of dog wallpaper.

How are you going to pamper your dog on Dog Day?