Beautiful stainless steel pieces you need to have in your dining

Maddox Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Dining Table and Chairs

Only a few weeks into the New Year, we are seeing more predictions for what will become on trend in interior design. For the last year, we have consumed brass accessories and although such items are still relevant, designers are suggesting that by the end of the year, we will once again be coveting the sparkling sheen of silver.

The Maddox collection is, therefore, ideal for creating a dining room that has all the sparkle that you need, whilst remaining understated and beautifully elegant. And so with this in mind, this is how to get the look for your dining room.

The dining table

The reclaimed wood dining table, such as the top of the Maddox dining table fuses effortlessly and seamlessly with the high polished finish of the table legs.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

The dining chairs

The fabric dining chairs in this fantastic dining room are stunning in their own right but are the perfect foil to the roughly sawn top of the table and yet, there is no class. In this sense, this is because the colour of the fabric and the wooden chair legs is slightly muted, a blank canvas against which the rest of the room can shine. Cream dining chairs would work just as well.

Grey Luxe Daisy Upholstered Dining Chair

The Console table

Just behind the dining room table is the narrow console table, perfect for adorning with the beautiful silver table lamps with matching grey lampshades to tie in with the chairs. From the same range, it has the same leg choice as well as reclaimed slightly rough swan reclaimed wood top. This promotes a cohesiveness in the room and stops anyone one thing from jarring against the other.

The display units

And there comes a change in height, a ‘trick’ that many interior designers use to prevent everything being too much ‘the same’. Variations in height of furniture and other pieces create the detail that really matter.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Display Units

And yet, it matches the components seen in the dining table and console table – the reclaimed wood shelves and the high sheen finish to the legwork. There is just enough detail in the Maddox display units to them being a welcome, but not an overpowering addition to the room.


Adding accessories is the fun part but get it wrong, and it looks too cluttered. You will note that there are some subtle changes to the metallic finish of the pendant lights, for example. With a brass finish, they are a welcome detail in the room but with an understated shine and finish, they don’t jar against the stainless steel sparkle.

Alongside the neutral backdrop of grey, there are earthy colours teamed with other brass and stainless steel accessories but there is one colour that lightens it all – the varying shades of pink, from the candles to the flowers.

Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock

Wall accessories are minimal – opt for artwork if you feel it needs more character – but the beautiful wall clock, complete with Roman numerals is simply stunning, an exquisite detail that draws the eye across the entire dining room landscape.

Is this the perfect way to add stainless steel to your dining room?