Brighten a dining room with sunny yellow

yellow daffodils on a rustic dining table

Let’s face it, yellow can be a tricky colour when it comes to interior design, but we think it is a brilliant shade to work with and here we will look at some ways to bring summery yellow into the dining room whatever the season.

yellow wooden door with dining room sign

There are many hues of yellow you can choose, from barely a whisper of yellow to a much darker, bolder shade. Yellow works beautifully with reclaimed furniture, especially in the dining room. It might be considered a summery colour, but you can use yellow to brighten your dining space all year round. Use it as a base to bring in the oranges and reds of autumn, in the winter brighten the gloom and grey, and in the spring, it will quickly chase winter away!

Yellow and the farmhouse style

Yellow works with most interior styles you just have to vary the shade a little to get the look you are after. But when is comes to farmhouse style, yellow is definitely the go-to colour for many. You can choose a gentle buttery yellow for the walls and brighten it up with other bolder yellow pieces throughout the space. We are all familiar with the farmhouse dining table with a yellow checked cloth on it with a striking vase of fresh-cut flowers – it gives off feel-good vibes and adds a happy brightness to the entire room.

white jug with yellow flowers in front of rustic wooden shutters

Be bold with yellow

To bring in a subtle hue of yellow then opt for a soft coloured yellow wall, a colour reminiscent of old fashioned vanilla ice cream – if it really isn’t your thing you can easily paint over a pale colour! However, if you are leaning more towards a vibrant statement yellow then go for it! You can bring in this colour by using a few key pieces in your room.

A rug – a rug in the dining room anchors the dining table – choose yellow!

An armchair – we love to use accent chairs in any room and the same goes with dining room furniture – choose a bold statement-making yellow armchair – set this in the corner of your room to really bring in a dash of sunshine.

Dining chairs – yes, why not show off your style by opting for yellow dining chairs. We love how modern accent items work absolutely beautifully when styled with a reclaimed wood dining table

Accessorise in yellow

If you want to bring in a small ray of sunshine then opt for yellow accessories on a rustic dining table such as ornaments, vases, plant pots and dining chair cushions. Fresh cut flowers is another way to bring in just a little yellow and will lift the room.

yellow flowers and napkin on white round dining table

Yellow for the body and soul

Research suggests that eating yellow food as well as orange and red is a way of getting some good sunshine into your body and if it is good for the inside it must be good on the outside too!.

Yellow is a colour associated with communication, self-esteem, and power – making it a positive colour to use in your home. It conjures up feelings of happiness, summer, positivity and optimism – so it sounds like we should all be using it a whole load more in our homes!!