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Bring bling to the farmhouse dining table for holidays

Bring bling to the farmhouse dining table for holidays

If there is one time of year we can get away with adding extra bling and glamour to the interior of our homes and the dining table, it is Christmas. Even the farmhouse style, traditionally more prudent in its outlook on anything that glitters, welcomes golden glamour.

Just how do you create a farmhouse dining room, with extra glamour and sparkle, for Christmas?

The main players

The farmhouse dining table is a must, a foundation of the dining room around which the rest of the room revolves. The reclaimed wood dining table for this style is characterised by large, pedestal legs and an expanse of tabletop around which everyone can partake in delicious Christmas fare.

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

Glamour isn’t added with sparkle, glitz and sequins alone but with texture, which is why upholstered dining chairs are a luxurious touch around the farmhouse furniture, such as the farmhouse style dining table.

Staying with adding touches of luxury with texture, as well as beautiful tactile dining table decorations, consider the textures in the rest of the dining room as well as for the fabric dining chairs. Soften the hard floor underfoot with a beautiful rug.

Important additions

The versatility of the farmhouse style is that modern additions don’t look out of place so the grey rug, from the Fading World Collection, is a heady twist to the farmhouse dining room.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Sideboard

Push the boundaries further by adding a sideboard cabinet that is all about glamour. The sideboard from the Chalfont Collection packs in glitz and all-star cabaret and yet, it remains understated, a piece for your guests and visitors to find and admire.

Perhaps it is the thin, angular legs alongside the detailing on the wood, and the touches of gold here and there that give this piece its understated beauty, as well as being made from sustainable mango wood.

Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock

Don’t over clutter the walls. Choose wall art and accessories that complement the room – this wall clock, for example, with its golden Roman numerals create a connection with the Chalfont sideboard.

And no room should be without a wall mirror. Playing with both natural and ambient light, reflective surfaces are a glamorous addition to any room, but the pretty shaping of the Lana mirror won us over.


The atmosphere is what your guests bring. It is the murmuring chatter, the sudden bursts of laughter and the feeling of contentment of everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves.

The ambience is what is created in the room. The farmhouse style is comfortable and uncomplicated, requiring no special behaviour to enjoy it.

And it can be dressed up in many ways, with texture and appealing accessories clustered on the sideboard and the walls.

The flickering flames on the dining table candles are one way of setting the ambience, but it is the lighting in the room that plays the biggest part.

Bibury Pendant Light

The bulbous droplets of the Bibury pendant light is a modern addition that oozes elegance, as does a statement table lamp. The brass and detailing of the Martino table lamp are delightful, wouldn’t you agree?

The best thing about this farmhouse dining room? When the twinkling lights of Christmas have faded for another year, you will still have a dining room with bling and glamour.



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