Choosing and styling a reclaimed wood dresser

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dresser

The dresser is popular for many reasons. We well as breathing life into any room, it is a piece of furniture with ‘practicality and function’ running through its reclaimed wood grain. But how do you choose the right one? Should you opt for glass doors? How do you style it?

Glass or no glass?

When it comes to choosing your dresser, as well as making sure that its dimensions fit the room and its overall style is pleasing, you will face the conundrum of whether to opt for glass doors or not.

Glass has delightful reflective properties but if you don’t want people to see items on display, opting for one with opaque doors is clearly the answer.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dresser

But glass lightens the mood, a bit like the glass doors on the Chelwood reclaimed wood dresser. It lightens the fascia, giving it a beautiful feminine soft appeal.

Location is everything

It is one of the main considerations for any piece of reclaimed wood furniture but for something as large as a dresser, it is essential you understand where and how this beautiful piece will be used.

There is no right or wrong location but you need it in a place where it will serve a purpose as well as ‘fit’. Too small a space, and it will look shoehorned in. if it isn’t framed in a larger space, it will look like an afterthought.

Kensal Wooden Display Unit

The Kensal wooden glass display cabinet gives you a taste of everything and is perfect for when space may be tight. You get elegant height, along with an array of storage options from a cabinet to shelving and drawers, leaving your farmhouse kitchen table or reclaimed wood dining table decluttered.

Go for the painted look

When you think of wooden dressers and wooden shelving, you probably think of the dark wood, gargantuan pieces of furniture that was so vast it hides a small army of ‘best plates and crockery’ within its Tardis proportions.

In some ways, it is its bulk that makes the wooden dresser the must have for the rustic kitchen or the farmhouse dining room bedecked with farmhouse furniture. It acts as a small display cabinet as well as a storage unit but if you want the grandeur without the imposing nature of a large, dark piece then opt for the painted dresser.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Dresser

Beautifully rustic and farmhouse all at once, there is a beauty that shines from the painted surfaces of the Savannah large reclaimed wood kitchen dresser. The Savannah Collection is one of our most popular, with this dresser having the very best of everything. Handy cutlery drawers, ample cabinet space, complete with open shelving that is simply crying out for your organising skills.

Full shelving without the clutter

The dresser is a practical piece of furniture. It is meant to be. Its pedigree lies in containing everything that a dining room or working kitchen needs.

And yet, we want to style it but without the clutter. What tips do designers give when it comes to styling open shelving?

  • Always be practical – group items together, such as mugs and cups, bowls etc.
  • Keep similar colours together
  • Lift the final look with greenery, whether it’s a plant or a sprig of greenery from the garden.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Dresser

    The piece itself gives you the symmetry you need and with empty the shelving, put things away first in the Farringdon reclaimed wood dresser that you don’t want on display and then add the items onto the shelving, in a position where you can reach it. The more you use an item, the easier it should be to get to.

    Which is your perfect dresser?