4 Beautiful sideboards that fuse style and function

Mitcham Oak Sideboard

Like the dresser, the sideboard is a functional and practical piece of furniture for the dining room. But using it in the dining room alone understates its true potential because the sideboard is an adaptable piece ripe for any room, from the hallway to the living room and beyond.

But how do you choose industrial sideboards that is not only stylish but will give years of use?

1 Storage options

The sideboard is not-so-humble when it comes to storage options and the type of storage solutions it offers. You can opt for cupboard space only or even drawer-space only or you could opt for a mixture of drawers and cupboards.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

The large sideboard from the Standford collection is a prized example of industrial furniture, the perfect fusion of metal and rustic, reclaimed wood. It offers style, a unique finish and best of all, a range of storage options from slimline drawer space to deeper, shorter drawers to cupboard space with shelving, ideal for when you have different types of things to store in it.

2 Symmetrical with a glamorous finish

In many ways, the beauty of a sideboard with the traditional mix of drawer and cupboard space is the most familiar and gives the most in terms of storage options – sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

If you want glamour, then look no further than the Luxe Kensington Collection. It has something for everybody, from those who love reclaimed wood furniture to those who like an extra pop and zing in the style and finish.

The two cupboard with three drawer centre column is perfectly balanced and so no wonder this piece is one of our most popular industrial sideboards. It has a beauty of all of its, something we know comes from the meeting of two such very different materials.

3 Double-trouble cupboard space

The sideboard can be a significant piece of furniture in terms of its dimension but it doesn’t naturally follow that this makes it imposing.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Sideboard

The simplicity and straightforwardness of this reclaimed wood sideboard from the Kingsbridge collection proves the point. It has double cupboard storage space (with interior shelving) but the lack of ornamentation and the slimline handles means this piece doesn’t ‘swallow’ space.

And yet, it is one of the most functional and practical sideboards in our collection. We’ve said before and we’ll say it again – sometimes, simple is best. Why complicate matters when there really is no need?

4 Minimal façade

Minimal. Streamlined. Uber-stylish. And yet, the industrial sideboard from the Mitcham collection has a certain something.

Mitcham Oak Sideboard

Maybe it is the concrete case. Maybe it is the traditional industrial metal legs. Maybe it is the three oak panel doors. Maybe it is the lack of handles, the flat surface or maybe it is all the above.

A simply stylish solution to the age of problem of where to store things, from the best dinner service to the everyday things we use in the dining room, or the kitchen, or the living room.

In fact, this industrial sideboard wouldn’t look out of place in the hallway…