Clever small bedroom study ideas

wooden desk and wooden desk chair for clever small bedroom study ideas blog

As the end of the summer holidays approaches and we prepare our kids for the term ahead, now is the perfect time to reinvent their home study. Even if your child has a small bedroom, with some thoughtful planning and clever furniture choices you can create the coolest workstation to inspire their creative minds and boost productivity. Prepare for gold stars all round with these small bedroom study ideas.

Pick a hardworking desk

A reclaimed wood desk is a clever investment when it comes to small bedrooms that will see your children throughout their entire school years. Something like our Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Desk features a simple, yet stylish design that is sure to stand the test of time. With a large surface area it offers plenty of room for books and laptops, whilst a wide middle drawer and two further side drawers provides plenty of space to store study bits and bobs, such as stationary storage, workbooks and revision cards. If they have a high bed, why not pop the desk underneath to maximise floor space? Adding a wooden industrial style desk below creates a secret nook that’s perfect for late night cramming sessions. Pair with a comfy desk chair that can be adjusted to the right height and you have the making of a successful study zone.

reclaimed wood desk with brown comfy office chair

Let there be light

Good lighting in a small space is key, but especially so when it comes to small bedroom study ideas. Make the most of natural daylight by positioning the desk next to a window, but be sure to avoid placing it directly in front of the window as this will not only offer a world of distractions to young minds, but it will also be difficult to see a computer screen. For nighttime studying, it’s important to keep a bedroom workspace well lit to avoid that dark and dingy feeling which might encourage them to catch a few Z’s instead of A’s! Mounted wall lights are great in small spaces for focused lighting and keeping the area bright without taking up valuable desk space.

small white desk in bedroom next to two windows

Storage, storage, storage

Storage can be a tricky subject in a small room, yet it is one of the most important to get right. Try to use wall space as much as possible and think vertically not horizontally by adding tall open shelves or a rustic bookcase with boxes and baskets for storing study and other bedroom necessities. You can also make the most of a bed with drawers – perfect for storing lap tops, books and files when the desk isn’t in use and your child is enjoying some downtime, but easy to access when it’s head down time. If there is space for larger storage options, invest in a cabinet, such as our Standford Industrial filing cabinet – a great choice with deep drawers perfect for hiding away heavy books and binders whilst keeping worktops neat and tidy.

industrial bookcase and rustic side table with drawers

Use colour to create the illusions of space

Lastly, but by no means not least, zone the space using colour. This could be a feature wall or even just the width of a desk. Use a contrasting colour to the rest of the room, or a personal favourite and paint the space just below ceiling height so it frames the desk. If you’re feeling bold, a stand-out colour is not only fun, but it can also define the study area and help separate school work from free time.

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