What colours are used in modern farmhouse?

rustic console table with wicker log basket below and glass table lamp on table top

modern farmhouse kitchen with black hanging pendant lights and brown leather bar stools

When you hear the term farmhouse style, the first thing that it springs to mind is a homely, cluttered style with a large dining table and a kitchen dresser filled with plates and crockery in the kitchen and checked fabrics and busy textiles around the house. And whilst this traditional farmhouse style has enjoyed more than its fair share of popularity in the décor stakes, it’s time for a newer and altogether modern farmhouse style to take its place.

If you crave the charm that comes from the idea of a country-style home, but want something that is more modern, uncluttered and with clean lines and a sleek aesthetics, then the modern farmhouse style may well be for you.

How to create the look

The modern farmhouse style is one that adds clever touches with smooth lines. It uses a more neutral palette – it is the idea of a cosy interior that uses patterns, layers and colours to the best advantage, and rustic furniture to add warmth and texture. Where possible, exposed beams can add a great feature that works well with this style, but if this is not an option then timber panelling or shiplap cladding, when done properly, will add the right design touches.

The colour palette that is used for the aesthetic of the modern farmhouse style is fairly strict, and there shouldn’t be too much variation as this will make the look seem eclectic – the modern take on farmhouse is far more streamlined. The look is one that is carefully curated yet comfortable and the colour palette plays a large part in achieving this.

large wooden dining table with grey painted kitchen dresserCredit: Dulux Heritage

What colours are best?

Neutral colours like off-whites, grey, mushroom and the increasingly popular greige – a mix of grey and beige – work really well with the modern farmhouse look. Layering different neutral tones from the same colour family mean you can keep a sense of continuity with subtle variations. However, on their own, they may not be quite enough and risk leaving a space looking bland or even worse, stark. Small touches of colours, like deep greens, dark shades and even inky colours on doors or frames will add a touch of personality and depth. Spikes of colour like bright blues offer a graphic and modern take, whilst offering a nod to the outdoors.

In addition to using bold shades to add colour to the structure of the room, you could also consider using it as an accent shade for items like rugs, curtains and even decorative vases or plant pots on top of a rustic sideboard. When used carefully with a neutral background, the look is comfortable and clean with a hint of fun.

farmhouse table with wooden dining chair and stone vase with flowersCredit: Earthborn Paints

Can you use the colour black in modern farmhouse?

Absolutely! Black is a great accent colour to add to your modern farmhouse style. Far from darkening a space, it offers a stylish contrast to the sea of white and neutral hues. For example, an industrial dining table with black metal and reclaimed wood offers a clever design twist that when styled with raw linens and natural stoneware will blend beautifully into a farmhouse scheme. Just ensure to be subtle in its usage – less is more for a striking impact.

The joy of the modern farmhouse style is that you don’t need to stray far from the type of furniture that you might have envisioned in a more traditional farmhouse style. Reclaimed wood furniture works very well with both neutral shades and bolder colours. Therefore, a reclaimed wood dining table or a rustic coffee table with their more natural finish adds the farmhouse element that will give you the contrast to pull the look together. And remember, layering is key for the look so don’t be shy to mix textures as well as colours.

industrial dining table with black metal cross leg and matching wooden dining bench

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