Comic Christmas jumpers are a must for Christmas Jumper day

Woman Dressed in Christmas Jumper

Christmas Jumper Day

There is no denying that the festive season can bring out the ‘bah-humbug’ in us.

We may love the twinkling fairy lights but only once we have wrestled them free of their many tangles.

We love the real Christmas tree but hate vacuuming the dropped needles.

We love seeing family and friends – but it is an effort when all you want to do is curl up with a good book.

And this is why the modern tradition of Ugly Christmas Jumper Day is such a sweet invention.

Handmade Gifts

Many people still hand-make gifts for family and friends which is, of course, nothing new. As children, you were probably bribed to wear the itchy hand knitted jumper that Grandma or someone else had knitted. Once Christmas day had passed, the jumper was banished, never to be seen again, along with the horrendous knitted bed socks…

But it has made a comeback and when it comes to festivities at your workplace, there is nothing better than Ugly Christmas Jumper Day.

Child Christmas Jumper

Better still, when you wear your Christmas jumper to work on 15th December 2017, ugly or otherwise, you can add a few pounds to the charity box, knowing that you, along with your esteemed colleagues, are supporting Save the Children in their important work.

Comic, ugly or overly ‘busy’ Christmas jumpers are a must, perfect for showing the lighter side of your work colleagues sitting around at boardroom tables. And it is not just small business getting involved, but large businesses too.

Recycling: The Parent of Ugly Sweater Fever

No one seems to know why, why, where, when or how the current craze for ugly Christmas sweaters began. A book on the subject noted that there was an upswing from 2001 onwards. Although it can’t be confidentially attributed to the movement of recycling and upcycling, the early examples of ugly Christmas jumpers were charity shop finds.

And this is how it continued for many years until major retailers spotting a demand issue in the market, started to create their own versions of ugly Christmas jumpers, which is why you’ll see them at almost every desk and chair in the office these days.

What Makes an Ugly Christmas Jumper?

What is stylish to one person, will be atrocious to another. So, what makes Millie sat at her corner office desk love the flashing nose of Rudolph on her Christmas jumper, but detest the Santa festooned jumper of Robert, sat at his bespoke wooden desk?Christmas Jumper Day

Frankly, anything goes and the bigger, bolder, brasher and more colourful, the better. And there is no doubt that the best ugly Christmas jumpers are those with 3D adornments, flashing lights and an abundance of bright, festive colours. From magenta pink to glow of gold accessories, the more the jumper has on it, the better.

Not Just Humans, But Dogs Too!

Christmas Hat Dog

The other aspect that has started to emerge to this trend is the penchant of dog owners to dress up their pooches. Why should Fido miss out on the festive season? There are all kinds of superb Christmas dog jumpers, jackets and hats that make taking your dog to work so much more exciting.

Fashion faux pas or otherwise, the ugly Christmas jumper is a fun way of raising money for a worthwhile charity – or donate to another of your choice – and kicking back and having ‘silly’ fun with your work colleagues.