How to style: dining set or mix and match chairs?

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dining Set

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dining Set

The dining table is an important piece of furniture so it’s no surprise that customers take time to consider all their options. From considering which shape will work best, to which style will suit their home, there is also the question of whether a dining set which gives a cohesive style to the dining room is the way to go or whether choosing chairs separately, so you can have your own unique take is the best step forward.

No one can make this decision alone, so we asked our Houzz and Instagram followers what they thought.

We showed them the Wycombe, one of our oak dining sets, complete with chairs and dining bench…

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dining Set

And we showed them the Maddox industrial dining table…

And we asked which do you prefer? Are dining sets still on-trend or is creating your own dining table styles with mix and match chairs the way to go?

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table and Chairs

What YOU Said

It was a close-run thing but there was a clear push for the Maddox industrial table with mix and match chairs. But why?

There was no doubting that for many, the contemporary style and fresh feeling of the Maddox industrial table with mix and match chairs were appealing. But why?

The table itself is perfection when it comes to the industrial style. The combination of raw, not overly processed reclaimed wood with the stark, cool contrast of metal is perfect. But the edginess and angles of the industrial style are softened by the lower backed velvet dining chairs with wooden legs but, more importantly, the colour of the chairs and the plush fabric adds texture and warmth. In fact, this was one comment about the Maddox dining table; the great colours and the soft look were exactly what many people wanted.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

But the winning comment must surely be that the mix and match effect ‘offers so many possibilities’. If you are looking to create a unique look to your dining room that is on-trend but warm, genuine and stylish there is no doubt that the Maddox table and mix and match chairs is the style path for you.

Dining Sets – Not as Old Fashioned as You Think

But that doesn’t mean the Wycombe dining set missed out on its admirers.

Chic, modern and with a Scandinavian style, there is an understated simplicity about the Wycombe dining set. Our dining room sets come in a range of options: in this case, you can opt for four chairs, or dining benches or a combination thereof.

Wycombe Oak Extending Dining Table and Chairs

An oak extending dining table is, of course, also worth its weight in gold in a busy; the extending section works well with the dining bench as there is more room for guests in an instant.

Oak dining sets are also practical, something that many of our voters on Houzz and Instagram were keen to point out. There were many comments about the Wycombe set being infinitely practical but there were also clear preferences for it because of its versatility in the home.

Even though there was a clear winner – the Maddox industrial dining table with mix and match chairs – there was a respect and a big nod of approval for the Wycombe dining set too, for all that it offers. Which is your favourite?