Need last minute party ideas for New Year?

New Year Garland

New Year Garland

With two weeks left of 2017, there’s just enough time to make plans for New Year’s Eve if you haven’t already. Here are a few of our favourite ideas of what you could get up to, and food you could serve up.

Stay in the Warm

Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending New Year’s Eve curled up on a comfy sofa to fit in one more Christmas film in 2017 or huddled around a rustic coffee table to play some games. If you want to make it a cosy New Years Eve party with all your family, bring together all the comfy chairs you can find, along with plenty of scatter cushions and throws for a cosy evening in.

New Year Dogs

If you want to make it into a date night, and spend time just the two of you, light some candles, mix up a couple of cocktails (or pop open a bottle of champagne) and simply enjoy each others company. New Year’s Eve doesn’t need to be expensive, or spent with anyone else at all!

With Kids

If you’re planning on staying in try and come up with ideas to keep your kids entertained. There are plenty of ‘hour by hour’ activity bags ideas to be found on the internet but the idea is to create bags with things to do for every hour until midnight. Easy, inexpensive ideas include supplies to make party hats, clues for a treasure hunt with a new game to play at the end of the trail, balloons to decorate for the big countdown, snacks, party poppers or party blowouts and a drink for a midnight toast.

New Year Fireworks

You could even put the activities inside balloons and pop one every hour to reveal what they’ll be getting up to.

Alternatively, look to see if there is something going on in your local area. There are sometimes New Year’s Eve fireworks to be seen. Why not get wrapped up warm and go to see them with another family?

Host a New Year’s Party

There’s nothing like a New Year’s Eve party to bring in the New Year. Invite friends, family, neighbours or whoever you please to finish the year in style.

Make it easy in terms of food with a finger food buffet. Sandwiches, giant pizzas, quiches etc. are fantastically easy if you’re hosting for lots of people, meaning you can spend time with your guests rather than slaving over the stove. Alternatively, don’t cook at all – get your guests to come over after dinner! Whatever works best for you.

New Year Party

If you want to get everyone involved in a game, there are plenty of New Year’s Eve inspired games. Here are a few of our favourites.

Two resolutions and a lie: based on the popular icebreaker ‘two truths a lie’, guests have to try and figure out what resolutions people really want to achieve in 2018, and which one is a complete lie!

Race to the toast: players must race to fill their champagne glasses using only a teaspoon, transporting the champagne from a bowl into the glass. The winner is the first person to fill the glass and tap the glass with a spoon. You could even get the winner to give a toast to the New Year!

Beer/prosecco pong: depending on your guests, why not play this classic. Line the plastic glasses up like skittles at each end of the table (a glass topped one is a good idea for easy clean up), and split into two teams. Aim a ping pong ball at the glass and drink each time in lands in one. The first team to drink all their glasses is the winner. Its a great way to start a bit of competition, and an easy way to break the ice if you’re hosting people who don’t know each other. New Year Sparklers

How are you spending New Year’s Eve this year? Let us know.