Create a Bedroom Both You And Your Teen Will Love

teenage girl under duvet

Teenagers can be a tricky bunch, and not just because of their general untidiness and moody tendencies. Not quite adults, but fiercely independent, they are starting to carve their way in the world and a demonstration of this new individuality often starts with claiming their bedroom space.

Teenage girl lying on metal bed

When it comes to designing a teen’s bedroom there are several factors to consider, but the most important thing is that it has to be a space they enjoy spending time in and is personable to them. It’s their space, not yours and although it is you who will be paying for it, going against their likes and dislikes is a false economy – you’ll only end up redecorating anyway!

Industrial furniture has everything a teenager could want in a bedroom. Natural reclaimed wood furniture with black steel and metalwork gives a Shoreditch loft vibe that teens and parents alike will love. Check out our guide to creating a space where your teen can sleep, study, socialise and just be themselves..

Space to sleep

Sleep is important to all of us, but for a teenager, it is more important than life itself! Jokes aside, during teenage years sleep is vital for their development, and therefore, the right bed is not only central to the design scheme, but to their growth.

Reclaimed wood bed in bedroom with matching wardrobe

Picture features: Standford High Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you have the room, a double bed is a win and for a double win, make that a bed with storage. A reclaimed wood bed frame is ideal, especially for an industrial look; solid enough to withstand a strapping teenage boy, yet soft and warm to blend with a prettier scheme if desired.

And, don’t forget blinds or curtains. Blackouts are the best way to ensure natural light is blocked out as much as possible.

Incorporate a study space

A personal work space will come in very handy over the teenage years. Like it or not, they will be spending a lot of time at their desk and if it can be an area that helps them be more productive, they’ll thank you for it.

Industrial desk with black metal frame

Picture features: Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

A slim reclaimed wood desk or even a shelf against the wall can be all that is needed. Pick an industrial desk with black metal detailing for a utilitarian feel and don’t forget space for organising notes, books and pens. Desks with drawers are great to help corral everyday study essentials or consider industrial shelving, a small bookcase or wall-mounted storage if space is tight.

Say yes to savvy storage

Zinc topped wooden chest of drawers

Picture features: Zinc Top Architects Cabinet

Of course, the end objective as a parent is for your teen to keep their room tidy. A losing battle perhaps, but storage is key to helping them at least attempt to keep their bedroom tidy. As well as hidden storage under the wooden double bed, doors and draws are the trick here or any closed storage for that matter. A small chest of drawers, wooden blanket box or wooden wardrobe will help keep items out of sight and tidy habits encouraged.

Flexible furniture

Teens can be fickle and prone to change, so furniture that can be moved or used for other functions is a wise choice. Built-in furniture is perfect if the room is a tricky shape, but isn’t so great when a teen’s quest for change kicks-in. A reclaimed wood wardrobe with black metal feet can be moved to the other side of the bed should a teen decide on a different look, whilst an industrial desk can be used as a dressing table or gaming station at the weekend.

Reclaimed wood wardrobe

Picture features: Dulwich Reclaimed Wooden Wardrobe

Personal touches

A teenager’s bedroom is the perfect place for them to show off their style and spend time with their friends. Adding elements that make it easy for teenagers to take ownership of the decor will help ensure they are happy with the end result. Notice boards or wooden shelves to display photos, old festival tickets and wristbands and holiday memorabilia works well in a teen room.

White bedroom with framed art on wall

Grooming station

Grooming and cleansing may not be high up in an early teens priority, but as they progressive into teenagedom, this is going to become a well-used spot. Not only to ensure the rest of the family gets an opportunity to use the bathroom, adding an area for a teen to get themselves ready gives them a personal space to experiment and express their identity in private. A modern dressing table will be a welcomed addition or simply adding a floor mirror or round wall mirror will help create a zone to get ready.

Final tip

Don’t ever use the word ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ to describe any part of the room or piece of furniture; teens are likely to instantly disown it (and most probably you)!