Create a cosy reading nook with a Scandi twist

Wycombe Oak Side Table

Autumn is on the doorstep and the promise of chillier evenings and crisper mornings are with us. It also means that we have the perfect excuse – not that we ever need one – to curl up on an autumn afternoon with a good book. What makes this even more of a wonderful thing to do is the surroundings in which we do it and that means getting the style just right.

The Scandi style is perfect for this. Clean lines with detail, rather than clutter, it still exudes a warmth that makes it a popular choice for many. So how to create a Scandi style reading nook?

Start with the comfiest armchair possible

The best thing about enjoying a chapter or two is that you get to physically and mentally relax in a soothing, calm space, perfect for allowing the stresses of modern life to slip away. But it means having a comfy armchair into which you can sink.

A leather armchair is perfect and with a light, neutral fabric colour you have the start of a Scandi-style reading nook. Choose one that is wide and generous in its proportions so that you can lounge whilst you read. Why not add a small footstool too, for when you’re lulled into having a little nap?

Start to frame the armchair

With your warm-to-the-touch velvet armchair in place, you now need to frame it in its position. This alone is what creates the standalone space that is clearly your reading nook.

A must-have piece of furniture is the Scandi reading nook is an oak side table. Its light colour coupled with the soft curves of its rounded legs make it a typical Scandinavian piece and ideal for resting your unfinished book and that large cup of hot chocolate that makes relaxing for a few hours so very pleasant.


With the two main pieces of furniture in place, you can now start to dress the space, giving it a calming visual appeal, making it the perfect space to loiter.

The Scandi style is all about including neutral but warm colours, with natural, soft materials that make the space inviting and warm, without the clutter and fussy detailing.

A large grey rug is cosy underfoot, adding the perfect finish to your reading nook, along with these other accessories;

– Light – you’ll need to consider the lighting in the space. The best light by which to read is natural light, with shade from the bright sun. However, with light lacking in autumn and winter, a table lamp or a wicker pendant light would be a wonderful light solution.

    – Mirror – decorative mirrors are ideal on two fronts: adding detail but also being practical by reflecting light in your reading nook giving it both a practical edge and a visual warmth. 

    -Senses – creating a calming space is about appealing to all senses and infusing your reading nook with a gentle, pleasant scent will make all the difference. Candles and diffusers fit the bill perfectly, adding fragrant notes without being overpowering.

    With your Scandi reading nook in place, now all you need to do is find the perfect novel…